Jedi Survivor Install Latest Patch to Proceed, Can't Get to Koboh

Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s “The game needs to download and install the latest patch in order to proceed” issue is something many players have encountered on the first day of launch. And unfortunately, it is a serious issue, as it prevents players from going to Koboh. If you are also suffering from the same problem on PC, PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, read on to learn what we know.

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Jedi Survivor Install Latest Patch to Proceed, Can't Get to Koboh

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Install the Latest Patch to Proceed, Can’t Get to Koboh Issue

If you can’t play beyond the intro scene because the game tells you that you need the latest patch, you’re probably wondering what’s happening. After all, the game has just launched, and you are absolutely sure that you’ve downloaded the game and all the updates 100%. “Hi, I just got the game on the PS5, and I’m still at the beginning where I’m on the Mantis trying to continue the quest, but it says the game needs to download and install the latest patch to continue,” says Reddit user Chelynn87. “But there’s nothing for me to update or download. I’ve tried, and I have no idea what to do. Please help.”

And he is just one of many players reporting the same SW Jedi Survivor “Install the Latest Patch” issue. At the time of writing, there seems to be no clear solution to this problem. Some players report that we will need to wait for the Day 1 patch in order to fix it. Other players report that the issue has fixed itself at some point but don’t know how.

“As I was typing this, a prompt appeared on my PS5 saying the game was installed,” wrote Reddit user Catkatcatkatcatkat. “Upon reloading the game, I’m finally able to proceed through the game. Not sure what triggered it. I think it just takes a bit of time before the game fully installs itself.” For now, that’s all the info we have about the “Star Wars Jedi Survivor Install the Latest Patch to Proceed” issue. If we stumble upon any other solution, we will make sure to update the article!

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  1. S
    Stephen Fortune

    I can not get to koboh in star wars jedi survivor I need to install the latest patch but I have install everything what do I do please can you help

    1. M
      Miguel Paolo Antonio

      I have the same problem. I hope this is resolved soon.

      1. S
        Stephen Fortune

        Did you fix it and did you get the koboh how did you fix it

  2. B

    Game was ready to play got to the part where I need to go to Kobuh and was getting this error on PS5. Found that the game has not fully downloaded and progress can be seen by going to the Home Screen > Press Start on the game > Information and will see Download Status

    1. G

      Hi did your ps5 eventually install? Just got the issue. Went and fixed my lightsaber to purple blade and played around with bd one but want to continue.

      1. M

        Really enjoying the story, but what a piece of sh**, an additional month of development time and you can’t get more than 45 minutes into the game before encountering game breaking bugs. FFS.

    2. S

      thank you you absolute gigachad

    3. S
      Stephen Fortune

      Hi I am on the ship trying to get to koboh and it I need to install the latest patch in order to proceed in the game how do I rix it am playing star wars jedi survivor there Is nothing to install can you help

    4. B

      Yeah you’re right I just had to wait till it was finished in the downloads and then it worked. Thanks man

    5. K

      same for me im on ps5 disc. Now its downloading something else. I unistalled some games to make room

    6. D

      You are right. I’m looking at it right now. 87.18/148.0 GB right now.

      1. A

        It says the same thing for me, did you just wait for it to finish or did you have start the download again

  3. A
    Astro Greatest

    Turn off your systems all the way then turn them back on after they fully powered off for 10-20s

  4. C

    Is anyone still having this problem?? Bc we are and nothing has worked to fix it

  5. B

    Still having the same problem on ps5 disc version I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game took 2 1/2 hours to install restarted the game snd still comes up with install the latest patch to proceed just wondering if the disc may be faulty please help

    1. C

      I am at the same stage, how long does it take to clear have sent ps5 in to rest mode so it can do any updates even though there are none available it is time RESPAWN did something about this ?

  6. A

    Please tell me there’s a slove to this problem

  7. A

    I tried everything and it still doesn’t work please someone help me on this

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