Vampire Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

The Cookie Run Kingdom Stories by the Fireplace v3.10 update is here! Among many awesome features and events added with the update, our favourite is The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. Our guide explains how to bake the Vampire Cookie Cake perfectly to get a 5-heart review.

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Vampire Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Vampire Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

The Version 3.10 update for Cookie Run Kingdom has just been released and has come with a slew of new and exciting content. Asides from the two new cookies – Sherbet Cookie and Carol Cookie – there’s also a Tower of Sweet Chaos expansion, the Lantern of Friendly Winds event, and our favourite – The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. Here, various Cookies will order a cake from you with specific requests and desires. Make the correct one, and you’ll receive a 5-heart review!

Most of the orders are easy to fulfil. However, some can be tricky as players are unsure what exactly to put into their cake. Vampire Cookie’s Cake is particularly problematic, and players struggle to get a 5-heart review. That’s because he doesn’t like being asked questions! Thus, ask only once what he wants, lest he deducts a heart from his review. Thus, when he says “should be OK-ish”, don’t ask anything else! In this case, “OK-ish” means that he wants 4 or fewer frosting dollops or toppings.

To conclude, the flavour of his cake needs to match the colour he says to you (a “____ Extreme”), and you will need to put 4 or fewer frosting dollops of the same flavour. And that’s it, that’s all you need to do. Remember, if you complete the cake properly, but ask him additional questions, he will only give your 4 hearts in his review. Thus, make sure NOT to ask anything following the original order. With that said, our “Vampire Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom” guide is completed.

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