Knockout City How to Fake Throw

Figuring out how to fake throw in Knockout City is a relatively important part if you want to be successful in the game. It’s a very useful feint that, if pulled off correctly and in the right moment, can leave an opponent open for punishment. Pulling the move off can change the tides of battle, or at the very least allow you to get out of a jam. So, let’s explain how to execute the fake throw move!

knockout city how to fake throw
Knockout City How to Fake Throw

How to Fake Throw in Knockout City

To fake throw in Knockout City, hold the right trigger down (or left click), as you would when charging a shot and lock onto the enemy. As you know, this will alert the targeted player that you’re out to get them, including a shape letting them know which way you’ll throw the ball. So, instead of releasing the trigger, press the right stick (or F on PC). This fakes a throw, meaning that, ideally, you’ll send the player flying to catch the ball. This, of course, leaves them wide open to attack. It’s a sneaky move that works like a charm, if done with good timing.

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Therein lies the rub. You need to know when to execute this move. If you time it poorly, you could end up being the one in jeopardy. If the opponent sees through your ruse, or if they were running away rather than trying to catch the fake throw, they can turn the whole situation around on you. So use this move, as well as fake passes and any other trick shots very carefully. The enemy will have their eyes open just like you.

So, that’s how to fake throw in Knockout City. We’ll be covering it in more details in future guides, such as how to redeem codes. So stay tuned for more instructions on how to play the game and more!

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