Knockout City Redeem Codes

You redeem Knockout City codes in order to get various bonus items, and right now, it’s all cosmetic items. There are several codes that you can redeem to get Player and Crew logos and banners. Of course, this hinges on you first figuring out how to redeem them. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you where to input the codes, as well as a list of all currently active codes that you can use. Enjoy all of your free stuff!

knockout city redeem codes
Knockout City Redeem Codes

Knockout City Redeem Codes

There are five codes that you can redeem in Knockout City at the time of writing. Each one of them unlocks a set of cosmetics; specifically, Player and Crew logos and banners. Yes, there was one for another creator, but that got pulled. So, here are the five currently active codes in the list below; just keep in mind that the developers can remove these codes at their own discretion. We can’t influence that in any way; if the codes don’t work for you, that might be the reason.

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  • Northern Lions Code: A844-VTSD-ECRV-8PSX-3MW4
  • Gorillaphent Code: 3TYQ-LFML-EUT9-B5G3-MPWB
  • AyChristene Code: GBHZ-X7NQ-TET4-CUDF-C9S7
  • Jonsandman Code: 5HMV-6K27-FLSZ-4LXN-W5LF
  • H20Delirious Code: 8XB3-TMBK-RYKR-6FKW-G5FE

How to Redeem Codes in Knockout City

To redeem codes in Knockout City, you need to follow a series of simple steps. First off, launch the game. Enter the main menu, and click on the “More…” icon. Select the “Redeem Code” option, and enter any of the codes we’ve listed above. Hit the “Submit” button, and you should be good to go. All the items will be in your “inventory.” Rinse and repeat the process for each of the codes, both in the list and any future ones. It’s a very simple process; the only two potential issues is that the codes are long and clunky and finding the menu where you redeem them in the first place.

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  1. B

    Anyone know why the delirious code don’t work I’ve entered it 5 times and nothing is there a certain way I have to spell it?

    1. H

      This is a scam

    2. R

      H20 delirious code was disabled due to some controversies on twitter

  2. P

    it works check your crew create if not already it says that but it works

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