Lost Ark Founder's Packs Explained

Founder’s Packs in Lost Ark are special packs that you can purchase in lieu of actually buying the game, since it’s technically free-to-play. There are three of these packs that you can get: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of them is twice the price of the last, but they come with more in-game goodies and other perks. The whole thing can be a little overwhelming, especially for new players that don’t really know how the game works. So, in our Lost Ark Founder’s Packs Explained guide, we’ll show you what these packs are, a brief breakdown of what you get in them, and which one you should buy.

lost ark founders packs explained
Lost Ark Founder’s Packs Explained

What Are Founder’s Packs in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Founder’s Packs are basically ways to purchase this free-to-play game. By that, I mean that the game is technically free, but you can buy one of these packs to receive all sorts of perks and in-game goodies. There are three of these that you can get: Silver ($25), Gold ($50) and Platinum ($100). Each of these grant you all sorts of stuff, as you can see listed here. You can buy them either via Amazon or Steam, and I greatly recommend the latter, due to the better return policy.

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Now, we’re going to break down what some of the things you get these packs are. Some of them can be a little confusing for new players. Even those that have played the game before might get stuck on some minor translation differences. Here we go.

  • Beta access – fairly obvious; you get to play the beta once it’s out.
  • Head start – you get to play the full game three days before everyone else.
  • Royal crystals – premium in-game currency.
  • Founder’s exclusive pet – Pets are a must in the game, because they collect loot, letting you fight freely. Having one right at the start is a huge advantage.
  • Crystalline aura – This is Lost Ark’s premium subscription that grants you all kinds of bonuses.
  • Founder’s Silver/Gold/Platinum Title – lets people see you bought one of these packs.
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum Supply Crate – come full to the brim with all sorts of consumables and other goodies. Note that the contents of the Silver and Gold crates are exactly the same.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Avatar – basically a skin to show off the fact you bought the Gold or Platinum pack.
  • Character Expansion Slot – lets you create one extra character.
  • Founder’s Avatar – an additional skin for Platinum-paying people only.
  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount – Mounts are not a necessity in Lost Ark, but this is another way to lord your expensive purchase over other people.
  • Platinum Welcome Crate – a few extra items in the Platinum Lost Ark Founder’s Pack, including an animated wallpaper for the login screen, a special building for your stronghold, cards that give you stats, and a chest of goodies to give to NPCs to make them like you.
  • Silver – in-game currency.
  • Resurrection Feathers – items that let you resurrect your fallen character on the spot.
  • Daily Una’s Task Instant Completion Passes – items that let you automatically complete a daily task after you’ve completed them at least once before.

Which Founder’s Pack Should I Buy

If you’re planning to spend money on one of the Lost Ark Founder’s Packs, the Platinum is by far the best value. That is always the case in situations like these. However, it is a hundred bucks, which is fairly steep. Only consider this one if you’re planning to really devote yourself to the game. If you’re on the fence, but still want to throw some cash at Lost Ark, then maybe Silver is the way to go. Honestly, the Gold pack seems to be the most “meh” of the bunch. Sure, you get extra premium currency and some bragging rights via the exclusive avatar, but it’s not really worth double the price. Ultimately, though, the decision is up to you and your budget. One thing’s for sure – I’m getting strong pay-to-win vibes from all this. I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. V

    The game shouldn’t be p2w. Thankfully Korea got that out of the way for us at release and the game has since been fixed to be incredibly light on any of the normal Asian market p2w shannanigans. There is also nothing in the packs that gives an outright advantage that cannot otherwise be obtained. The mount is nicer looking but has no better stats than the mounts you get at the level you unlock mounts. Same goes for the pet.

    1. J
      Jared B

      Not exactly true, the purchase mounts are actully a bit faster than the free ones earned in game. After playing on RU servers for many hours with friends , my normal mount was always a little slower but nothing too drastic

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