Lush Caves Minecraft 1.18 Where to Find Lush Caves

The Minecraft 1.18 update has brought lush cave systems to the game, leaving many players wondering where to find lush caves. Along with drip and cheese caves, they are one of three new biomes in the game. Lush caves are by far the most rewarding. Finding them only requires a little skill and a keen eye. Below, we tell you how to find lush caves in Minecraft.

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Lush Caves Minecraft 1.18 Where to Find Lush Caves
Lush Caves Minecraft 1.18 Where to Find Lush Caves

Caves and Cliffs Part II is finally here after a long wait from fans. The lush cave that has been added is teeming with wildlife and interesting new features. These include around 17 different types of blocks.

Where to Find Lush Caves Minecraft 1.18

Lush Caves are an apt name for one of the two new biomes in Minecraft’s 1.18 update. They are easier to find than their counterpart, dripstone caves. They do still take a little work to spot.

Where to Find Lush Caves Minecraft 1.18
Minecraft Azalea Tree

Your first step is to find an Azalea Tree. These trees will generate on the ground in 1.18 chunks. Similar in their looks to standard oaks trees, they have flowering purple leaves to differentiate them. The shade of green is also a little lighter than others. If you can’t find one, climb up to a hilltop and use it as a lookout scouting the forested areas.

Once you spot one, dig under it. You should find rooted dirt blocks that look like standard patches of dirt at the trunk’s foot. Once you do, carry on digging in the direction of the rooted blocks. Eventually, you should dig into a lush cave.

Lush caves have one unique feature known as glow berries. They give out light, so look into ravines and crevices to see any light poking out. You can fly around at night and see entrances glowing, which is another way to find them.

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