How to Get Spider-Man Marvel's Avengers

If you want to know how to get Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ve come to the right place. After so, so many months of waiting, Spidey has become a part of the game’s roster. Well, if you’re playing on the correct platforms. All you need to do is begin the new quest line that revolves around the neighborhood web-head, and we’ll show you how to do that in this guide and how to play as Spider-Man.

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how to get spider-man marvels avengers
How to Get Spider-Man Marvel’s Avengers

How to Unlock Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers

To unlock and get Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, you just need to kick off the new mission in the With Great Power event. All players should have equal access to the Spider-Man mission regardless of your level; the only thing you need to do is be playing the game on the platforms that have Spider-Man, aka the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Yes, sad reminder for those of you that have forgotten – Spider-Man is an exclusive on Sony consoles, because, well, Sony owns the IP. If you’re on PC or Xbox, now wall-crawler for you.

So, if you’re playing on the PS4 and PS5, first off, make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest update. Then, head straight to the War Table on the Chimera Helicarrier. Head to the windows looking out and find the Suspicious Web plastered all over it. It’s very easy to spot, and moreover, the game will give you a little prompt when you come close enough to it. To get Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, simply interact with the web. You’ll watch a cutscene, and after that’s over, you have unlocked the friendly neighborhood Spidey. Just be sure to finish the quest chain.

So, that’s about it. One thing that’s kinda interesting to note is that Spider-Main is mostly a support character. His unique abilities seem to mostly revolve around incapacitating enemies with webs so that the other Avengers have an easier time disposing of them. Of course, Peter is also very fast and can get in and out of combat very quickly.

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