Check Pokemon IV in Pokemon BDSP Judge Function

Like most Pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is also full of many different stats that you will need to pay attention to. Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, etc. – all of these help to determine how well your Pokemon does in battle. These stats are known as IVs – Individual Levels – and they range from 0 to 31. Naturally, you will want to have them as high as possible for each of your Pokemon. But how to check the IVs in Pokemon BDSP? Well, you need to unlock the Judge Function, and our Check Pokemon IV in Pokemon BDSP Judge Function guide will explain where and how to get it.

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Check Pokemon IV in Pokemon BDSP Judge Function

How to Check Pokemon IV Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Judge Function

In order to be eligible to unlock this function, you will first need to defeat the Elite Four and to become the Champion. If you fulfil these prerequisites, then your next step here is to proceed to Snowpoint City. Once there, go to the docks and catch a boat headed for Survival Island. After you get off the boat, first go to the Pokemon Center there, and then enter the Battle Tower. Once you are inside, look for a scientist with blue hair and glasses to the right side of the screen. He will present you with the Judge function.

With this, you can now see all of the IVs on your Pokemon. To use it, go into your Pokemon menu and then press the + button twice. Now the Pokemon IVs will be visible in the right side of the screen. Here’s what their values mean in numerical terms. Best: 31, Fantastic: 30, Very Good: 26 – 29, Pretty Good: 16 -25, Decent: 1 -15, and Not Good: 0. You can use this to select only the best Pokemon, and it also comes in handy if you want to breed Pokemon using the Destiny Knot, which lets the offspring inherit 5 IVs from its parents.

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