Pokemon Unite Bug in Ranked Game Explained

The Pokemon Unite Ranged Game glitch has been causing a lot of trouble ever since the Espeon update came out. If you experience this bug, you’ll see that something’s definitely wrong during the match, with people suddenly seeming to be AFK or act like bots. Then the results screen comes up, and they’re completely different from what you were seeing the whole time. So, what’s going on? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in our Pokemon Unite Bug in Ranked Game Explained guide.

pokemon unite bug in ranked game explained
Pokemon Unite Bug in Ranked Game Explained

Pokemon Unite Ranked Game Glitch Explained

The Pokemon Unite Ranked Game glitch or bug that has been appearing frighteningly often after the Espeon update seems to be some kind of desync issue. Basically, instead of all the players on either team being in the same match, the game instead puts people in several different matches. Except it is the same lobby still, meaning that you’ll see other players as either bots or AFK, and they’ll probably see you the same way. This is bad enough, but the major issue is that the game counts only one version of the match as the “real” one. Imagine it as all the players being in parallel realities, and only one of them is the “true” dimension.

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The biggest problem with the Pokemon Unite Ranked Game bug / glitch is that you never know which match the game will consider the legitimate one. Therefore, you might think you’re winning and doing really well, and end up actually losing and your score being zero. Needless to say, there’s a good chance that the bug can mess up your standing in the Ranked ladder. So, you should probably avoid Ranked matches until the developers issue a fix. Fortunately, they are aware of the problem and are presumably working on a solution. Until then, it’s best to stick to quick matches or something. Mind you, the desync bug can still get you there, but at least there’s nothing at stake.

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