Maneater Can't Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution

Can’t Fight Scaly Pete bug in Maneater is a problem that some of the people playing have been encountering in Sapphire Bay. It seems that, no matter what they do, they can’t battle Scaly Pete in Sapphire Bay, even if the game is telling them they should. Well, fortunately, the situation has a potentially very simple solution. We’re gonna show you what you should attempt to do in our Maneater Can’t Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution guide.

Maneater Can't Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution
Maneater Can’t Fight Scaly Pete Bug Solution

How to Solve Scaly Pete Can’t Fight Bug in Maneater?

To solve the bug where you can’t fight Scaly Pete in Maneater in Sapphire Bay (and some other places), there are several things that you can try. For the record, before we even start with that, I have to point out that the odds are good it’s not a bug at all. Instead, the game expects you to progress far enough until it will let you fight Pete again. For some of you, it might be a bug, but more on that in a bit.

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Let’s go through a checklist of stuff that you need to do to battle Scaly Pete; at least, in Sapphire Bay. The first order of business is to complete around 50% of Sapphire Bay. It seems that the game won’t give you his location otherwise. Second, you have to progress through the main story missions until you get the “Check in on Scaly Pete” step. Make sure to click on it in the quest menu for the location to show up. Lastly, some players have mentioned that you might need a high enough Infamy rating, but we haven’t been able to confirm that.

If none of that stuff works, then you might be encountering an actual bug. If that is the case, then you can really only try resetting your game. You might lose some progress short-term, but at least you’ll be able to complete the game. The developers will surely release a hotfix soon enough, considering how many bugs Maneater has.

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  1. J

    You need to find the landmark in Sapphire in top right that is his boat. Need that to trigger.

    1. W
      Where on the map?

      Where on the map specifically?

  2. A
    Andrew k

    So I had the issue and all I had to do was pass 50% completion and it solved my problem

  3. H
    Harry B

    Was stuck on on this part for a while, I had got 94% of Sapphire Bay completed, once I reached infamy rank 5 it unlocked.

    1. K

      My progress on Sapphire Bay is at 96% I’ve literally found everything except for the ones that are inside the elder caves where you have to break the fences on my progress
      I am on level 30 and it says to fight scaly Pete but the location on my map is not showing up I restarted my game I tried everything but I’m still not finding it

  4. N
    n beqaishi

    Maneater game deleted everything I did like level I became level one again

  5. M

    It‘s actually a meter that builds to fight Scaly Pete! Then his location is revealed, raise your Infamy to build the meter!

    1. R
      Reese 69

      Where is that meter at then

  6. S
    Sick Rick

    Im at level 27, an ADULT, everything is 99% complete, and my infamy is at 7.
    No scaly pete.
    It’s a goddamned bug.

  7. E

    Am at full rep 10 and my shark is at 30 I kill scale Peter but I am still at adult level for my shark what do I do

  8. K
    Kevin upha

    I have figured it out, you have to kill candy man curtis

  9. D

    Complete sapphire bay to 50% that’s what I just did and it worked

  10. J

    You’ll need 50% Sapphire Bay progress, and you will need to kill Candyman Curtis which will unlock the next boss which is in Sapphire Bay. Once you’ve completed that, mission “Check on Scy Pete” will become available

    1. M

      I killed curtis ages ago, its a bug and they better fix it

  11. J

    I have completed all the tasks under sapphire bay apart from 3 (ref plates/caches/landmarks) yet still can’t fight Pete?

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