Maneater Dead Horse Lake Collectible Locations

Dead Horse Lake is one of the areas you’ll explore in Maneater. It’s a sorry place, but on the upside, there are a bunch of collectibles you can grab there – ten landmarks, ten licence plates and fourteen nutrient caches. Many of them are in obvious places, but some are either well hidden or hard to reach. If you’re missing any of them, our Maneater Dead Horse Lake collectible locations guide will help you find them.

maneater dead horse lake collectible locations
Maneater Dead Horse Lake Collectible Locations

Dead Horse Lake landmarks

The ten landmarks in the area are almost all bottom-bound. In order to collect them, you’ll have to smash the yellow road signs that are always found in the vicinity of the site. Here’s a list of all the landmarks and where to find them:

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  • Trashh-Man by PR373N7IOU5 – A broken-down wooden pier with a statue made of garbage. Found in the corridor leading into the eastern part of the map.
  • Future Downfall of Civilization – If you continue into the enclosed, eastern part of the map, you can find a sunken city near the entrance.
  • Longest Date Ever – A pair of drowned tourists in a flamingo pedal boat, directly under the eastern bridge.
  • Captain Eyeliner’s Sunken Booty – A sunken barge with actual gold coins scattered about it. Too bad you’re a shark and have no concept of monetary value. It’s to the south of the last one.
  • Stick-Man by Willie the Hermit – One of the rare land-bound landmarks, it’s a big stick statue on a shoddy wooden pier south of the previous one.
  • Beating a Dead Horse – It’s the giant horse statue in front of the giant billboard in the south of the map.
  • For Rent: Two Story Efficiency – A dilapidated shanty below the western bridge, available for rent.
  • Snitch Parking Lot – A spot where the mafia disposes of undesirable, expired humans, in the tiny, enclosed area in the west. You might be surprised by a nasty glitch when you get there, though.
  • Dead Horse Triangle – A boat graveyard under the bridge in the north.
  • Legally Distinct Tire-Man – A statue made of car tires on the northern edge of the area.

Nutrient caches in Dead Horse Lake

There are fourteen nutrient caches in the area. You’ll mostly find them underwater. They’re easy to recognize when you’re near them – there’s a red blinker on each that helps it stand out from all the blues and greens of aquatic life. On the map above, their locations are marked with a grey chest icon.

Dead Horse Lake licence plate locations

There are ten licence plates in the bric-a-brac collection of Dead Horse Lake. They are all above the water, and you’ll have to jump in order to smash them. Some are trickier than others – either places at great heights, or above inaccessible places. For these, you’ll either need to hit the right angle when surfacing, or build up some speed before jumping out. Their map icon is a tiny licence plate.

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