Maneater Crawfish Bay Collectible Locations

Crawfish Bay is a tiny area on the eastern edge of the map in Maneater. It’s the only part of the game with no landmarks at all – the only collectibles here are the ten nutrient chests and ten licence plates. This makes it much easier to clear, but also much less interesting than other areas. If you’re having trouble finding those last few locations needed for the achievements, this guide will show you all Maneater Crawfish Bay collectible locations.

maneater crawfish bay collectible locations
Maneater Crawfish Bay Collectible Locations

Nutrient caches in Crawfish Bay

The nutrient caches will provide you with valuable currency, or at least what passes for currency in this shark-eat-shark world. You’ll find them safely tucked away in the muck of the many nooks and crannies at the bottom of the bay. Don’t forget to use your sonar, as it can help track them down more quickly. When you’re diving, look for blinking red lights – each chest has one on the front of the lid. The map above shows them as little grey chests, but the icon is pretty similar to that of the licence plate, so just keep in mind it’s the bigger one.

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Crawfish Bay licence plates

The number of licence plates matches the number of nutrient caches – there’s ten of them as well. Unlike the caches, they’re found exclusively in the air. They’re big glowing things, hovering over various landmasses and constructions like bridges, boardwalks and such. The trick with them isn’t finding them, but reaching them in order to slap them with your tail. Some are pretty high up, and you’ll need to practice your jumps if you want to get them. The trick is to surface at the correct angle, but also to get enough speed before you break surface and lunge into the air. Packing the appropriate evolutions might also help.

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