Maneater Gulf Collectible Locations - Landmarks, Caches, Licence Plates

The Gulf collectibles in Maneater are exactly the same like in all other maps; they include Landmarks, Nutrient Caches, and Licence Plates (called Gulf Gewgaws). Collecting all the Landmarks in Maneater The Gulf will grant you a new evolution, licence plates will give you materials when you find them all, and nutrient caches give you, well, nutrients. So, in our Maneater Gulf Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Caches, Licence Plates guide, we’re gonna show you where to find all these collectibles.

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Maneater Gulf Collectible Locations - Landmarks, Caches, Licence Plates
Maneater Gulf Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Caches, Licence Plates

The Gulf Landmarks in Maneater

There’s a total of nine Landmarks in The Gulf Region of Maneater. Almost all of them are underwater, with only one being on top of a chunk of ice floating about. And, yes, the references never stop, so here we get winks to SpongeBob and Rick and Morty, among other things. Finding all nine landmarks will unlock the Reinforced Cartilage evolution. Here’s a list of stuff you’ll need to find.

  • Museum Field Trip – A giant, sunken statue, presumably the Colossus of Rhodes.
  • Space Fairing – A flying saucer that crashed at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Replica Tours – The ill-fated replica of the Titanic, complete with two skeletons on the bow.
  • Sea Sponge Home – A pineapple under the sea.
  • Forgotten War – World War 2 planes that the military threw into the ocean.
  • Get Off My Lawn – A giant, sci-fi-looking underwater structure. Not sure what it’s a reference to.
  • It Belongs In A Museum – A pirate skeleton surrounded by tons of gold.
  • Gone Fishin’ – A random chunk of ice that some poor soul is ice-fishing on.
  • There Be Kaiju – A glowing hole in the ocean floor, chained shut, right out of Pacific Rim.

Maneater Licence Plates – Gulf Gewgaws

There is a total of ten licence plates in The Gulf in Maneater, called Gulf Gewgaws. By now, you know exactly what to expect. All the licence plates look like cartoonish collectibles from a platforming game in the nineties. All of them are underwater in The Gulf, which does save you a ton of trouble. There will be no jumping and floundering around on dry land. That said, some of them are hidden away in caves; overall, though, you are unlikely to have a lot of trouble finding them all. Consulting the map above should be quite enough.

Maneater Nutrient Caches in The Gulf

The Gulf in Maneater contains a whopping twenty-one Nutrient Caches for you to find. They are strewn all across the map, in caves, caverns, hidden behind rocks, and, for the most part, right out in the open. Like with all the other zones in Maneater, all you need to do is swim around and go from PoI to PoI as they appear, and you’ll find everything eventually.

So, there you have it, those are the collectibles in The Gulf in Maneater. If you have more questions about the game, we’ve got a number of different guides for you to check out. To name just a few, we’ve written Crawfish Bay Collectible Locations, Apex Predators – Alligator, Barracuda, Great White, Killer Whale, and Caviar Key Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Caches, Licence Plates.

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    Get Off My Lawn is supposed to be a Degasi Seabase from Subnautica+===)

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