Dead Horse Lake Landmark Collectible Missing Glitch in Maneater

Dead Horse Lake is one of the areas in Maneater. One of the collectibles in it is a landmark at an old mafia body disposal spot, but some players are having trouble collecting it. The road sign that you’re supposed to knock down in order to register the place as visited isn’t showing up. If you’re experiencing this issue, our Maneater Dead Horse Lake landmark collectible missing glicth guide will help you deal with it.

maneater dead horse lake landmark missing glitch
Dead Horse Lake Landmark Collectible Missing Glitch in Maneater

Can’t collect Dead Horse Lake landmark

The landmark in question is the one in the small pond in the west, with a bunch of sunken cars and bodies wrapped in tarps, weighed down by blocks of concrete. If there isn’t a yellow road sign you could smash next to the site, it means you’ve encountered this particular, nasty bug.

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It seems like that is what this thing is in the end – a bug. It might be tied to the side mission in the area, so if you haven’t completed it, try doing that. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this one yet. You’ll just have to wait for the developers to straighten it out. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one affected by it.

While you are waiting, you could explore other areas and scoop up the collectibles there – areas like Sapphire Bay or Fawtick Bayou. You could also beef up your shark by gaining levels and progressing the main story. If you run out of things to do, you can always chomp on some folks to increase your threat level and call out the bounty hunters. Once you’ve done enough to raise your infamy, you’ll have to fight hunter leaders, vicious bosses like the electrified captain Robert Brunlett

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  1. T
    Todd White

    I have a different one glitched its the bottom one near the horse statue

    1. M

      Same spot for me near the horse statue

      1. B

        same spot for me, find anything to fix it?

      2. Y

        Same here. I tried exiting and reloading, but close to the end of the game now and nothing has worked.

        1. T

          Same glitch, same spot for me. I just completed the game and I’ve gotten everything but that! It sucks sitting at 99%!

    2. C

      Same here it the last one I need to complete my shadow set

      1. M

        Same but at prosperity the landmark is there but the sign isn’t so can’t compete the shadow collection

        1. N
          Noah Curry

          im having the same prosperity landmark problem

          1. R

            I cant find the one in fawtick bayou cause it wont show up

    3. G

      Same here. Missing that landmark at the bottom of the horse statue.

    4. J

      Me to the sign is gone

    5. R

      Me too. I just turned level 30 and returned to my grotto and a hunter diver followed me in so I ate him in the grotto, this caused my game to crash. Once it load back I was level 9 and in the swamps. I managed to work my way back to dead horse lake and collected all the landmarks except the one by the statue. There is a question mark on my map there but when I arrived, the sign is not there.

    6. J

      Same one for me, it is the last thing I have to do and I’ll have 100% the game kinda irritating since it stops me from completing the shadow set.

    7. J
      Josh Johnson

      Yeah I had no problem with the floating bodies it’s the horse statue

    8. G

      Mine is glitch at the little old house that says for rent. The yellow sign is missing and it just shows a ? mark. Now i can’t complete the shadow set

    9. A

      Same, I can’t collect the horse statue one.

  2. A

    Mine glitched in the Gulf by all the monuments near the grotto. The question mark is floating in middle of water. It’s all I need for the Platinum.

  3. A

    Yea, mine glitched at the bottom one in dead horse lake. Still cant get it and ive 100% most other areas.

  4. J

    Mine glitched at the the bottom of golden shores just before sapphire bay. I can’t get the shadow fins becomes of it

    1. J

      Mine glitched on p. Sands at the night concert

  5. N

    Seems to be if you die near the sign, the game removes it but doesn’t flag that you have hit it, so when you come back it is gone. So until it is patched, try not to die near the signs.

    1. J

      Well dang that is probably what happened to me.

      1. M

        Same here. Hope they patch it, not hitting 100% sucks

  6. I

    Mine is glitched in the water park in clavier key… Great. The game was brilliant and now the game breaks so it can’t be completed.

  7. A

    Subnautica Glitch in Gulf nou sign there

  8. N

    same here… i just want shadow teeth

  9. M

    mine buged at the spongebob house replica. It show the Icon as if I never hit the post… although I did it already. so I always have this landmark not “completed” and cant have the reinforced cartilage reward… It sucks

  10. A

    My landmark right next to the grotto in deadhorse Lake is glitched and I can’t get it

  11. D

    I can’t fight any of the apex

  12. T

    Saphire bay by the boat. That landmark isnt there at all tried reloading and allnoptions and nothing

  13. V
    Vince Skypala

    I collected everything, but it says 98% completed so trophy didn’t pop.

  14. A

    I’ve gotten 100% in each place, except Prosperity Sands 97% where i have a Landmark location but no sign, if i’m correct i had to fight a predator there and i think i must if hit the sign and got killed before it saved, and i don’t really want to start all over again.

  15. J

    Seems I am also one of the unlucky ones! For me it is the License Plate that appears in Saphire Bay at the lighthouse. I climbed up the path and got it, but I almost died in the process. Once I jumped into the water, a Mako shark was ready for me and killed me immediately. Upon Respawning, I finished out the whole map and I am stuck at 98% and it shows on the map that I still need the plate, but nothing is there. I’ve completely exited the game and it still is not showing up! I REALLY hope they find a way to fix these glitches because for many of us, that is all that stands in the way of truly achieving 100% in the game!

    1. D

      The one with the stone faces near the orca. Did everything else but 4 trophies and the shadow fin are all on that 1 collectible . Tried everything including reinstalling

      1. A

        Mine glitched in f fawtick bayou by the nuclear waste….

      2. T

        I had this problem, i log in today and it says ive got it, but i did not get my shadow teeth. Sooo angry!

  16. A
    Austin Stander

    The same landmark at the horse in dead horse lake disappeared after I died near it.

  17. B

    mine glitches I got the landmark and the game crashed reloaded and now the sign is gone and won’t let me collect it for 100% its the rubber tire figure

  18. D

    All I need for the platinum is one glitched landmark. 4 trophies and the plat and shadow fin all rely on this one landmark. Ruined a pretty good experience I hope we get a fix

  19. G
    Giovanni iannella

    I’ve found out how too fix it. You have to start a new game. I’m not kidding see for yourself!

  20. F
    Fake Name

    I randomly came across one of the landmarks that I has already gotten and the sign was back up. I hit it again and it marked the missing sign as complete and gave me the teeth.

  21. G
    Got it!

    So I just completed it and got a platinum trophy. Try going back to the same spot and getting it again. It shows that I had 100% and I went back to the location and once I got it the second time it unlocked everything

  22. R

    Just encountered the same glitch. I tried suffocating my shark at the same point the landmark was ment to be and after respawning in the grotto I checked the map and it gave me the landmark. Hope this helps anyone.

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