Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters Tier List

In our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters Tier List, we’re going to give you our opinions on which characters in the game are the best, and which positions on the pitch they should be very efficient in. Keep in mind that, for the most part, these are just our preferences. Your mileage may vary depending on your game play style. Maybe you prefer strength over speed and technique, for example. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s begin.

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mario strikers battle league best characters tier list
Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters Tier List

Mario Strikers Battle League Character Tier List

We’re starting out our tier list of best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League with the S-tier. For our money, the cream of the crop are Rosalina, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. Rosalina is the perfect attacker, with impressive Shooting, Technique and Strength. Peach can be either an attacker or a midfielder, because of her high Speed, Technique and Passing. Donkey Kong excels in Strength, Shooting and Passing, so he can kinda play any position, depending on the rest of the team.

Next, we get into the A tier, aka Mario, Waluigi and Yoshi. Our beloved red-clad plumber has really good stats in every category, so you can put him anywhere you want. As for Yoshi, his Shooting and Passing are surprisingly high, so consider putting him up front. Lastly, Waluigi, who has high numbers in Speed, Strength and Technique, can be a fantastic defender as well as midfielder.

Now for the B section of the Mario Strikers Battle League best character tier list. We’re talking Wario and Bowser. With high Strength and Shooting, both of them can be efficient attackers if you don’t mind sacrificing finesse for rhino-like raw power. Bowser’s Shooting is slightly higher, while Wario is better at Passing, so he can play the midfield, too.

Now we come to the bottom of the barrel, which is, as always, Luigi and Toad. Luigi does have very high Technique and decent Passing, which does mean he can be a good midfielder. However, he’s pretty meh everywhere else. Same goes for Toad, except his forte is Speed rather than Passing.

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