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If you want to know how to save Emma in The Quarry, you need to understand that every choice in the game can have severe consequences even several chapters along the way. The core gameplay loop of Supermassive games is a complex network of intertwined choices and how they influence events further down the line. Some decisions have immediate results while others will be revealed late on. With that said, let’s find out what choices you need to make in order for Emma to survive in The Quarry.

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How to Save Emma in The Quarry

As you are here, you probably don’t care about spoilers, but our duty is to warn you nonetheless. We will spoil some major story points in this article. It’s simply impossible to explain how to save Emma without it. However, we will try to keep things vague as much as possible, and only focus on important parts, which you simply must know. With that out of the way, let’s see what choices you need to make to keep Emma alive until the end.

The Island

The first live-endangering moment for Emma comes after her night swimming session with Jacob. She’ll eventually end up on the island, all alone and only in her underwear. Make these choices on the island in order for Emma to survive:

  • Use the low road instead of stairs up to the treehouse – you will find more clues this way
  • Search the bags instead of opening the trapdoor – this is extremely important as the werewolf will kill you instantly if you open the trapdoor first. In the bags, you will find something to wear, a taser and some pepper spray for protection.

Once you search the bags, Emma will open the trapdoor anyway, but this time you will be prepared for the danger. At this point, Emma will start running for her life and you’ll need to successfully complete several quick-time events in order to bring her to safety. This is where pepper spray comes in handy to hinder the werewolf’s pursuit after you.

The Hunters

The next potentially deadly situation is right after you leave the island. But, in order to survive this situation, you will need to take the firecrackers before, from the Camp Store. You will have an option to pick the firecrackers, but many players would not do that. It seems logical not to bring such flammable things into the woods, but it will actually save your life!

On your way towards the lodge, you’ll cross paths with hunter Jedediah and his son Bobby. During this encounter, you’ll have to deal with either these two or with another rapidly approaching werewolf. Thankfully, a firecracker to the face will be a perfect distraction to help you escape.

The Lodge

Finally, the last situation you’ll need to survive is once you are in the Lodge. Although, for this, you will have to have a majority of other characters alive. At one point near the end of the game, Abi and Emma will hide out in the storm basement right under the lodge. Soon after, a werewolf will attack the lodge. What you will need to do is to climb to the office, find Chris’ security room and check Kaitlyn and Dylan on the cameras.

The most important thing here is to pick up the stuffed animal earlier while playing as Abigail. With this, Kaitlyn will be able to lure and lock the werewolf into the freezer. This will save everyone currently inside the Lodge, including Emma.

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