Medium Find a Way to Open Secret Door Code - Thomas's House

There’s a secret door in Thomas’s house in The Medium. It’s the burned-down house with the creepy dollhouse. Once you’re done playing around with the mirrors, the stairs to the basement will reveal themselves. Down there, you’ll find a heavy steel door with a keypad. As soon as you run into it, your objective will change from having to explore the house. If you’re wonding what code you’re supposed to enter here, our Medium Find a Way to Open Secret Door Code guide will show you.

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medium find a way to open secret door code
Medium Find a Way to Open Secret Door Code – Thomas’s House

Thomas’s house basement door code

Once you’re done messing around with the mirrors, butterflies and masks, the big mirror on the wall will break, revealing a staircase to the basement. When you go down and explore the area, you’ll find a big steel door with a keypad. It has been opened recently, judging by the marks on the floor.

The door code you’re supposed to enter into the keypad is 1966. Once you do, the door will swing open on a new chapter of your life. If you’re wondering how we got that number, keep reading.

When you walk down the stairs and into the basement, you’ll find a crack in the wall – squeezing through it leads to the secret door. On the opposite side of the room, there’s a doorway. Pass through it, and you’ll find a locker. Use the bolt cutters to open it, and you’ll find a box inside.

Reading the inscription reveals it’s the box for the watch Thomas got as his 10th anniversary present from his wife. If you look at the piece of paper by the locker, you’ll discover that the watch was bought in 1976. Some simple math and a bit of guesswork led us to trying the year they got married as the code, and it worked.


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