The Medium Clock Puzzle Thomas Office Solution

The clock puzzle in the Niwa Hotel Thomas office is one of many puzzles you’ll have to solve in Medium. It requires you to go through several steps, including figuring out the interplay between the normal world and the spirit world. That is especially true for the clock itself, which appears to control the flow of time in the area somehow. It’s not the most difficult of puzzles, but I can see it confusing some people. With that said, here’s our The Medium Clock Puzzle Thomas Office Solution guide.

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the medium clock puzzle solution
The Medium Clock Puzzle Thomas Office Solution

How to Solve The Medium Clock Puzzle in Thomas Office?

To solve the Thomas office clock puzzle in The Medium, aka the Niwa Hotel’s manager office, you first have to use it to rewind time in order to reveal a secret door. So, interact with the clock and rewind it as far as it will go (should be four o’clock). You’ll know you’re at the right spot when a glowing figure appears at the “desk” in the spirit world. Approach said desk, and take the energy from it. Then, go back to the clock and start going forward through time until the hidden door in the corner opens, and the glowing figure is standing at the door.

Now, approach the door and use your “out of body” ability to transfer full control to spirit Marianne. Walk into the newly-opened room, and transfer the spirit energy to the switch on the wall. You’ll get a brief cutscene if you’ve done it correctly. Go back into your body and interact with the bookshelf in the corner where the door is in the spirit realm. Use Insight to reveal a secret switch. You’re almost done with the Medium Thomas Office Clock Puzzle solution.

As you’re probably already guessing, all you have to do now is interact with the switch. This will move the bookcase, allowing both versions of Marianne to go into the next room. The game will start screaming at you as soon as you walk in, so do be ready for that.

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