Medium Vivienne Ballet Dancer Name - Send Away Souls of Other Victims - Male Victim Name

Send away the souls of the other victims is one of the objectives in The Medium. You’ll get it when you discover two bodies next to each other in the spirit world – a male and a female. In order to complete the objective, you need to discover the names of the two victims, with only a handful of clues. This guide will show you Vivienne ballet dancer & male victim name in The Medium, to help you complete this task.

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medium vivienne ballet dancer male victim name
Medium Vivienne Ballet Dancer & Male Victim Name

Vivienne real name

To get Vivienne’s real name, you should head into the bedroom. Look at the desk with the Tifanny-style lamp – there’s a bracelet there. If you inspect it and turn it around a bit, you’ll find two names engraved on it – Tori and Ellie. One of them is the ballet dancer, but there’s still no way to know which one.

Approach the foot of the bed and use your sense to detect a piece of paper on the ground. Pick it up, then go to the nightstand. Open up the notebook and place the torn piece of paper inside – it’ll line up perfectly with the torn page, revealing a number. Use the phone to call that number, and you’ll hear the victim talking to Ellie. This means her name is Tori.

Male victim name

For the male victim, you’re supposed to go into the meeting room. Approach the table on the left, by the window, and inspect the ashtray. You’ll find out the victim was sat across from Boris. Go to the head of the conference table and you’ll find a list of attendees there. If you inspect the last entry, you’ll see it’s a guy named Boris, sitting in chair number nine.

Go to the farthest chair on the left from there and inspect it – that’s number nine. Go to the chair across the table from it and inspect it – it’s number four. Go back to the attendee list, and inspect entry number four. It’ll reveal the male victim’s name – it’s Nicholas.

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