The Medium Investigate Toolshed - How to Open Garage Door

Figuring out how to open the garage door in the Investigate the Toolshed step of the Medium Find the Red House mission is one of the plethora of puzzles in the game. It requires you to go through several steps, including the interplay between the spirit and normal world. It’s a bit of a doozy, especially if you don’t pay close attention. So, to help you out, here’s our The Medium Investigate Toolshed – How to Open Garage Door guide.

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the medium investigate toolshed how to open garage door
The Medium Investigate Toolshed – How to Open Garage Door

How to Open Garage Door in The Medium Investigate Toolshed Find the Red House Step?

To open the garage door in The Medium during the Investigate toolshed step of the Find the Red House quest, the first step is to take the doll from the table in the upper left corner of the garage. Take a look at the first image below to see its exact location. Now, go out the door you used to enter the toolshed, and place it on the bench. This will power up the spirit well, so use it to fill up on energy. You’re gonna need it real soon.

With that done, go back to the garage door and use your out-of-body ability to switch full control to Ghost Marianne. In that world, said door is already open. Go out and head left and around the house. There’s a small ledge that you can climb up, so do just that (check out the second image if you get confused). Enter through the window, and you’re gonna find yourself face to face with an orange light. As you’re probably guessing, that’s the generator, so power it up using the energy you siphoned out earlier.

As soon as you do that, exit the out-of-body experience to transfer control back to regular Marianne. Go to the button hanging over the hole and press it. This will lift an engine, allowing you access below. Walk down the stairs, and you’ll find a lever. Pick it up, and go use it on the jack that’s propping up the garage door. Pull on the lever, and boom. You won’t open the door completely, but you can squeeze underneath.

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