Meet Rusu in Forgotten Forest - Kena Bridge of Spirits How to Open Stone Door

In Kena Bridge of Spirits, you will need to meet Rusu in the Forgotten Forest at one point, but you will first need to figure out how to open the huge Stone Door that is blocking your way. The way that you need to get inside can be a bit tricky, since the game doesn’t do the best job at explaining what it is that you need to do here. If you are one of the many players stuck here, unsure what you need to do to progress the game further, then our Meet Rusu in Forgotten Forest – Kena Bridge of Spirits How to Open Stone Door guide is for you.

Meet Rusu in Forgotten Forest - Kena Bridge of Spirits How to Open Stone Door

How to Open Stone Door – Kena Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest

In Kena Bridge of Spirits, one of the objectives that you will get involves meeting Rusu. He is in the Forgotten Forest. However, to get to him, you have to find a way to open the Stone Door. So, to begin with, make your way there. When you get to this location, you will see the big stone door barring your way. If you look up, you will be able to see three blue crystals. They are the key to solving this puzzle. Take out your bow and shoot the crystal on the tree branch to the left. Don’t worry, we’ve number the exact sequence in the screenshot down below.

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stone door crystal sequence
The Stone Door crystal sequence.

When you have done that, you will see tiny specks of light emanating from the crystal you shot, connecting to the crystal next to it. This indicated that this is the next crystal you need to shoot. After shooting that crystal as well, this will repeat, and the specks of light will connect to the third and final crystal. After shooting that one, the Stone Door will begin to open. Go inside where you will meet Rusu.

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    The stone crystals aren’t lighting up for me. Is there something I have to do first to activate them?

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      Your hutting the wrong crystals. Look further to the left.

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