Inferno Fang Location Tales of Arise

The Tales of Arise Inferno Fang location is the place where you can find this item, which is necessary to craft the Flaming Knights for Law. However, the Inferno Fang doesn’t just drop at every corner; in fact, you can get it from just one enemy, as far as we know. Not only that, but you can only get to this particular monster, called Polycephus, after a string of side quests. All that being the case, here’s our Inferno Fang Location Tales of Arise guide to help you out.

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Inferno Fang Location Tales of Arise
Inferno Fang Location Tales of Arise

Where to Find Inferno Fang Tales of Arise

To find the Tales of Arise Inferno Fang location, you’ll have to finish a few side quests. After you’ve beaten Ganabelt in Cyslodia, head to Cysloden and Bregon’s hideout. Talk to Bregon, and start the side quest called “Culling The Snowplain Herds.” Travel over to Nevira Snowplains and do what you need to do, then report back to Bregon. He’ll give you another quest “Survey Says…” That will require you to talk with several different people in Cysloden. Once that’s done with, talk to Bregon yet again.

He’ll give you a key to a specific cell in Riville Prison Tower and send you to kill zeugles over there. However, our main focus for this guide is going to the Underground Prison area in the Tower. Follow the path downstairs and talk to the NPC standing in the corner. After you’re done with him, head down another set of stairs, and take the door on the left. That’s where you find the location of the Inferno Fang in Tales of Arise. You’ll be met face to face with a two-headed giant wolf monster called Polycephus. Use the key to open the cell and fight the creature. When defeated, it will drop the item. You do get just a few of them, but that’s all you’ll need.

where to find inferno fang tales of arise
Where to find Inferno Fang

And that’s about all there is to it. If you need help with anything else, feel free to peruse the rest of our Tales of Arise guides. For example, we’ve got articles like Bizarre Megacore Location, Blistering Fang Location, and Where to Find Sashimi Recipe.

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