Merge Mansion Candy Cane

The Merge Mansion Christmas Event 2022 update is here! In Merge Mansion, it’s all about making our home as cosy as possible and adorning it with all kinds of decorations. And what better time to decorate than for the holiday season? In this guide, we explain what you need in order to get the Candy Cane in Merge Mansion.

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Merge Mansion Candy Cane

How to Get Candy Cane in Merge Mansion

The Merge Mansion Winter Holiday 2022 Event is here! And what’s a winter event without some treats? And that’s exactly how you will get the Candy Cane. This item is actually a level 4 Holiday Treats item. The very first step here is to make a Santa’s House. These will have Fireplace bricks as a rare drop. From there, you will need to merge the bricks until you get the Crackling Fireplace.

Now comes the fun part! You will need to feed the Crackling Fireplace with presents and socks. Now, you are probably wondering how to get these? Presents and socks can be obtained from Santa’s Sleighs. However, in order to get them from Santa’s Sleighs, you’ll need to fill empty sleighs with plushies and gift sacks! When you feed the Crackling Fireplace with enough socks and presents, after around an hour, Candy chain items will drop from the fireplace. These are the items from the Holiday Treats chain, as listed below:

  • Sweet – Level 1
  • Chocolate – Level 2
  • Caramel – Level 3
  • Candy Cane – Level 4
  • Eggnog – Level 5

And that’s about all you need to know about this chain of items. You’ll need to do quite a lot of things to get there. But, at least now you know what you need to do. With that said, our “Merge Mansion Candy Cane” guide is now complete. And while you are here, check out how to get the Twig for Christmas Tree 2022. Have fun!

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  1. L

    How do I make Santa’s house please? Mine just disappeared. Thank you.

  2. K
    Khushboo watsal

    How can I get Santa’s sleigh. 2 given are gone

    1. R

      get sleigh from merging the fontain pen from Santa’s house.

  3. S

    I need a Santa Sleigh 🛷 I had 2 of it but they are used up, and not there any more. How can I get new one?

    1. S

      Max out the ink and cards. Last generator creates sleigh.

      1. E

        Thanks!!!! I really need the empty sleigh

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