Merge Mansion Decorations Removed, Are They Coming Back?

The latest Merge Mansion update has removed all decorations on the windows, door and roof. Naturally, many dedicated fans are disappointed as many of their favourite event decorations were removed. And while players were compensated with appropriate refunds in coins, many hope this is temporary and Merge Mansion decorations will eventually return. Here’s what we know about it.

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Merge Mansion Decorations Removed, Are They Coming Back
Merge Mansion Decorations Removed

Merge Mansion Decorations Removed, Will They Return?

The February 28th update has just arrived in Merge Mansion. And while usually, the updates are a reason for celebration, as that means new content and features, this time around, many fans ended up frustrated. Namely, players were welcomed with a message informing them that their painstakingly collected Merge Mansion decorations were removed.

“As a part of the ongoing renovations, Maddie is preparing some cleaning and fixes to the wall of the Mansion. Which means the decorations on the windows, door and roof need to be removed,” the message reads.

And while players did receive compensation in the form of coins, this is unacceptable for many. This decorations took a lot of time and even real-life money to gain, and now they are gone without prior warning. Furthermore, many players already have more coins than they can spend. Hence, a small amount of coins means nothing to them. And many of these decorations were event-specific, so they might not be able to obtain their favourite decorations again.

“My Gargoyle decoration, the only one I really cared about, the one I was gonna leave up on the mansion year-round, is gone,” says Reddit user u/YoMags. “I didn’t even take a screenshot. I’m so sad.” And there are many other reports like this. Is this Merge Mansion decorations removal permanent or temporary? While not confirmed, we are inclined to think that you will not get your decorations back due to the refunds being immediately given. However, we will follow the situation closely and update the article if there’s any new info.

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