Merge Mansion Golden Seeds

Not sure how to get Golden Seeds in Merge Mansion? You’ve come to the right place! The new year for Merge Mansion fans has kicked off with a brand new area to explore – the Conservatory. However, in order to unlock this new area, you’ll have to complete the Maze first! This guide explains which items you need to merge to get the Golden Seeds.

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Merge Mansion Golden Seeds

How to Get Golden Seeds in Merge Mansion

The Conservatory is a brand new area added to Merge Mansion. It is the first area added in 2023 and the 26th area in total. In order to unlock it, you’ll first need to complete Maze Task 18-7. And once you unlock the Conservatory, you’ll soon learn that Golden Seeds are some of the essential items you’ll need here. That’s because the main generator, the Seedling Kit, requires them. Thus, a good strategy here is to prepare enough Golden Seeds before starting the area. However, how to get these seeds?

Unlike many other complicated items in Merge Mansion, these are fairly simple to get. Golden Seeds are generated by merging two Level 4 Empty Seed Bags. Seed Bags are drops from Flower Pots or Green Boxes. Alternatively, you can simply buy them from the Shop. You’ll need to merge them to Level 4, upon which they will drop 12x Orange Flower Seed and an Empty Seed Bag. This will be a level 1 Empty Seed Bag, which you then need to level up to level 4. Merge two of these, and you’ll get a Golden Seed.

Flower Pots can be obtained via the Drawer or bought in the Shop, while boxes are earned by completing tasks or purchased in the shop. Currently, Merge Mansion Golden Seeds have no other purpose than to be used for the Seedling Kit in the Conservatory. That said, our guide is completed.

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