Merge Mansion Paint Can, How to Get

If you’re wondering how to get the Paint Can in Merge Mansion, you’re far from the only one. It is one of the rarest items in the whole game, so it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on it. On top of that, you still have to merge them to higher levels in order to complete certain challenges. So, let’s find out how to obtain more Paint Cans in this game, shall we?

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merge mansion paint can how to get
Merge Mansion Paint Can, How to Get

How to Get Paint Can in Merge Mansion

There are several ways to get a Paint Can in Merge Mansion. The first one is to purchase them from the in-game shop for coins. They’re not always in the store, so it’s not the most reliable of Paint Can sources. That said, since it’s a very rare drop, it might be a good idea to invest some coins in them. The second way to obtain the Paint Cans is by opening Blue Boxes. You can get several different types of Cobwebbed cans from these, which you have to dust off.

The most reliable source of Paint Cans, however, are Toolboxes level 4 and above. You can get Toolboxes either from the shop or, probably more commonly, by opening Blue Chests. The boxes drop from these chests with fair consistency, so just merge them up to level 4 or more. Open them and hope to get the Merge Mansion Paint Can. Now, I’ve said that this is the most reliable way to get this item, but the fact is that they drop about one in thirty times when you open a Toolbox. So, do be very careful with how you use them.

The Paint Can has four levels. The first one doesn’t have much use, and you’ll need a few level 2 and 3 Cans for the early stages. On the other hand, you’ll need around twenty-six Level 4 Paint Cans for later stages, such as the Garage, Flower and Stone Gardens, Fortress, Pool, etc. So, be sure to have enough of them on hand; do not waste Paint Cans, I can’t stress this enough.

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