Merge Mansion Planted Flowers, Tin Can

In our Merge Mansion Planted Flowers, Tin Can guide, we’re going to try and clear up the confusion cropping up with the Blossoming Bush or Planted Bush. The May 19th update has completely reshuffled how the Bush works, and that has peeved many players trying to get the Stone Can. So, let’s see what’s going on and how to navigate this new landscape, pun intended.

merge mansion planted flowers tin can
Merge Mansion Planted Flowers, Tin Can

How to Get Planted Flowers & Tin Can in Merge Mansion

The way you get Planted Flowers and the Tin Can in Merge Mansion has changed since the May 19th update dropped, when the devs “messed” with the Blossoming Bush. Or, to be more precise, they’ve added the Planted Flowers, while pretty much phasing out the Tin Can. The crux of the confusion is the aforementioned leveled-up version of the Planted Bush, which used to drop the beginning stages of the Tin Can. You could then merge these until you eventually got the Stone Can. That’s not how it works anymore.

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After the update, the Blossoming Bush (and the levels above) now drops Planted Flowers. Or, rather, the starting stages of this item, such as Planted Flower Seeds. You can level this item up to level 9, and you can then place those in the Maze later on. So, that’s how you get the Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion, but what about the Tin Can? Well, it seems that the only way left to get your hands on this item is to use the Garden Statue. It starts dropping the Small Tin Can, starting at level 6. Or, if you have any Cans in storage, now is the time to use them.

Now, there might be other ways to get the Tin Can that we’ve missed. If that is the case, let us know in the comments. As far as we can tell, though, options are very thin on the ground. I’d go as far as to say that, if you didn’t already get the Stone Can, you’re gonna have a really difficult time obtaining it from now on. Provided that the devs don’t add another method in the meantime, of course.

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  1. S

    It’s very nice the upgrade , but I sale de bush after a get the tin can , because everywhere said that’s no longer necessary so now I’m block in the maze cause I can’t get planted flowers you ask , now I’m block for a long time

    1. F

      I haven’t fixed the missing item yet because I didn’t get the stone/tin can or whatever it’s called
      What do I do now? 🙁
      I can’t even get it from the statue since I haven’t unlocked the statue where you actually can get the cans now since I can’t get it from the bushes anymore… I’m stuck 🙁

      1. E

        Same honestly it is really annoying as I’m not even close

  2. B
    Beverly Asberry

    I was at the point of merging to get stone can. I’m unhappy about starting over!

    1. U

      I cant open Ignatious event after the upgrade. Anybody knows why?

      1. D

        I am stuck. No task to do. Can not get planted flower and can’t find event shop for the hopeberry event and can not open the ignitions event

        1. M
          Maysen R

          I couldn’t find the hopeberry shop either! Does anyone know where it is?

  3. C

    I was so close to merging to get the Stone Can using the tin cans dropped front he Blossoming Bush. With the May 19th update it looks like one way to get the Stone Can is to play the Ignatius Bolton Event. However, this is a 3 day event and it looks like it’s very difficult to get all the way to the Stone Can in 3 days. I’m starting to think my statue doesn’t need a Stone Can. I’m not familiar with the Stone Statue. How do I get that?

    1. G

      You can play the event multiple times and collect the garden statues each time. Then you merge them in the main garage. I have the arch – L5 garden statue which gives you tin cans. Be happy to trade it for a blooming bush. I sold all mine because we didn’t need them anymore and I needed the space.

      1. P

        Wait do garden statues end up in the main garage? Then drop tin cans in the main garage? So I can still combine with what I’ve managed to achieve so far???

      2. S

        On May 31 the devs will be giving Level 6 or Level 7 Blossoming Bushes out to all players that need them, or so some of the players are posting the devs replies to this question on the fan group on Facebook.

    2. J
      Jessica E Sanchez

      I feel the maker of this game should fix the can issued. I had spend to much money in this game for it to be incomplete!

  4. T

    I think this new updated killed the game for me. There are some nice new features but I’ve worked so hard on getting the bush so I could get the tin can.

    1. N

      no honestly, i’m on the same page.

    2. T

      I worked this whole time to get that can and I haven’t been able to finish…now I have no idea how to get it. Disappointing for sure. I liked this game until this happened. My storage is full of can things and it’s going to get really boring if I’m unable to finish quests because someone changed the process in the middle of the game.

  5. F

    They habitually killed the game for me with recent update. I mean really why did you have to screw over players that was having a hard enough time getting the stone can to only go and make it impossible especially when all you can do is merge numbers and time things. Yeah I had other stuff the dropped merging items but I opened game one day to find everything gone but numbers and the clock. With, really? I’m considering really hard about Uninstaller merge mansions at this point

  6. A
    Amber Oberempt

    Devs should just switch it back… I’ve spent money on this game as I’m sure many others as well so why change the one goal so many of us have left? It’s actually going to make me stop playing

  7. P
    Peggy Westerman

    You can get the tin cans from the stone arch

    1. I

      What stone arch and how do you get that

      1. G

        It is a L5 garden statue from the Ignatious Bolton event.

  8. J

    It’s way easier to get the tin can from the stone arch. I got two stone arches…working on my third and boom…I got the Stone Can before I finished the third stone arch on Ignatius Bolton. It was really easy…much quicker than using the blossoming tree to get coins, dollars and cans. Mind you I was already half way there before the change over and I was forced to play Ignatius Bolton. My question is …what’s the purpose of the blossoming tree and the flower pots it produces?

    1. B

      The items that come from the blossoming bush now are little seeds for planter pots/flowers & for me (a level 20) can use them for tasks to plant flowers in the garden(s). I was ONE LEVEL away from getting the dang can before this update. Now I can’t seem to get remotely close to it in the new event. I think I got a level 3 statue from it so far so I guess I just gotta focus on it instead of my main garage.

    2. M
      Maysen R

      I agree that it’s pretty easy to get the can now. I haven’t gotten it yet but I’m close and I only have one stone arch. I played the event three times I think and was able to merge the rewards to make the stone arch which gives the dollars and cans to merge for the final can. I’m currently playing the event again with the sole purpose of making and selling 9s for 410 coins each. It’s been nice.

  9. S
    Susan Grove

    I have been playing the game obsessively trying to get to level 5 and feel like I never will. I’m so close to getting the final can I could cry! 🥺 Why have they made it so hard? I’m stuck until I get the final can, the hood ornament and the sign. I think I’ll just delete the game, it’s so frustrating. Not fun at all😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😠

    1. F

      Same here, I spent the entire event and couldn’t even get passed lv1 cause all I had to work with was cash register and clock. Cash register dropped numbers that didn’t do squat and clocked dropped Tim skipper pieces which raised level but so slow you won’t get out of lvl one of the event. Devs need to revert back to blossoming bush method for stone can

  10. D

    Once you complete the events they can’t be repeated now. Not sure how to get extra coins now. Ignatus Bolton event would earn over 10k. Hmmmmmm…not a great update.

  11. K

    I can’t even play the event. I chose the play button and now it’s gone. I guess maybe I’m still “in” the event but I think it’s been more than 3 days. Regardless it’s not giving me any tasks for the Ignatius Bolton event, I have no way of getting the garden statue, it says I’ll get it when I level up but there’s no tasks for me to do to level this event up…

  12. W
    What the

    We were told by the developers to destroy the flowering bushes after getting the stone can, ” they can safely be destroyed”, so that was months ago.
    Can they have the decency to give them back please?

  13. K

    Very frustrated by game. Not enough spaces to save items & spaces are too expensive. I have spent money to play game as spawning takes up so much energy and I’m constantly out of energy. It’s impossible to get some items. It’s not fun to only play a few minutes and then need to buy energy & not have spaces to save items.

  14. E
    Elizabeth Vargas

    What do I do with all the old can pieces? Can I use them for something or just get rid of them?

  15. M
    Mia Ikard

    What statues are you referring to about the tin can? I’m confused

  16. A

    Click the calendar on the home screen, play the Ignatius Bolton Event, get stone quarry.

  17. M
    Mia Ikard

    Have been trying

  18. L

    Anyone know how to get plant flowers like how to make them I’ve done everything else and can’t do anything for like another 12 levels and I have no idea how to make them after that recent new update it’s driving me crazy

  19. R

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. When I got to the well i got really frustrated. I’m just glad I finished the tin can event a while ago lol. Hopefully they don’t change the Casey whatever event lol.

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