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In Dyslite, you play using characters known as Espers. Named after ESP (which is short for Extrasensory Perception), these characters possess all sorts of paranormal powers. These include abilities such as blasts of energy, healing, and many more. Of course, when these Espers level up, they get even more powerful. You can even promote them to increase their star ranking. However, this is something that many players are struggling with and are unsure how this system actually works. In this guide, we will show you how to promote and increase your Esper star rating in Dyslite.

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Dyslite Promote Esper Star Rating

How to Promote Esper Star Rating in Dislyte

In order to upgrade an Esper in Dyslite you will need to have the Starimon resource, or to sacrifice another copy of the same Esper. We have a separate guide on Starimon, which explains how and where you can get this material in Dyslite. Now, the next thing you need to be aware of is the level cap of the Esper that you are looking to promote to the next star rank. A 2-star Esper’s Level cap is 20, a 3-star’s Level cap is 30, and so on, all the way to 5-star. The max rating that any Esper can attain is 6-star.

Once the Esper hits their Level cap, that’s when you can upgrade it to the next rank. To do this, you can either use Starimon, or another version of the same Esper – of the same rank – to promote it. So, if you are looking to promote a 2-star Esper to a 3-star one, you would need to level it up to Level 20, and then use a copy of the same Esper – also a 2-star rank – to get it over to 3-star. Go to the Esper menu and look for the Promotion option there, next to Growth and Ascension.

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