V Rising Cotton, How to Get Cotton Yarn & Cloth

Described as Valheim meets Dracula, V Rising is a very unusual game. Mixing survival gameplay elements with classic vampire tropes, V Rising has you take on the role of a vampire that is trying to survive and get more powerful. And, like in most survival games, you will spend a lot of your time looking for various resources and trying to figure out how you can then transform these into more advanced materials. Cotton is one such resource, and it’s closely tied to Cotton Yarn and Cloth. Read on to learn how to get Cotton, Cotton Yarn, and Cloth in V Rising.

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V Rising Cotton, How to Get Cotton Yarn & Cloth

How to Get Cotton in V Rising

Let’s start with Cotton first. You can get this by harvesting Cotton plants from Cotton Farms located in the Dunley Farmlands region. Incidentally, this is also one of the best base locations in the game. To harvest Cotton, you will need the right tools for the job – Merciless Copper tools at a minimum. Also, each time you harvest a Cotton plant, you have a chance of also receiving a Cotton Seed. Naturally, you can use this to start your own Cotton Farm back at your base.

V Rising How to Get Cotton Yarn & Cloth

Now that you know how to get cotton, let’s see how you can then acquire Cotton Yarn and Cloth. For that, you need to defeat a boss that goes by the very appropriate name of Beatrice the Tailor. Once defeated, she will drop the following loot: Loom Structure, Cloth Recipe, Cotton Yarn Recipe, Assortment of Curtains Structure, Human Form Vampire Power, and Hunter’s Cloak Recipe. For the purposes of this guide, we are interested in the first three things, particularly the Loom Structure. Once you construct it, you can then produce both Cotton Yarn and Cloth. Cotton Yarn requires x20 Cotton, while to produce Cloth, you will need x9 Plant Fibre and x3 Leather.

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