Merge Mansion Scarecrow, Haystack

The Merge Mansion Scarecrow and Haystack are two important parts of the Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival 2022. They are closely connected; so much so that you can’t get the former without the latter. All in all, figuring out how to get the Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival Scarecrow is pretty difficult. Hopefully, this guide is going to making things easier for you.

merge mansion scarecrow haystack
Merge Mansion Scarecrow, Haystack

How to Get Scarecrow & Haystack in Merge Mansion

To get the Scarecrow and Haystack in Merge Mansion, you have to play the Hopeberry Festival 2022. The system is really complicated and not very intuitive, so let’s break it down into steps. The first thing you need to get the Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival Scarecrow is to obtain the Hopeberry Wagon. You obtain that by completing the “Grandma Won’t Mind” primary task. The Wagon drops the Horseshoe, which is the first merging step towards the Haystack. The Farm Equipment chain, as it’s called, goes Horseshoe > Hay Rake > Saddle > Hobby Horse > Cart > Haystack. Keep in mind that, after six taps, the Haystack revers back into the Cart. Be sure to manage your resources accordingly.

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Now that we know how to obtain the Haystack, how do we get the Scarecrow in the Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival 2022? Well, The Haystack drops the Stake Cross, which is the first step in the merge chain towards the Scarecrow. Here’s how the levels go: Stake Cross > Sun Hat > Trousers > Plaid Shirt > Hay Body > Scarecrow. If you place the Scarecrow next to a Hopeberry Bush, it boosts its cycle speed, and then goes back into the Hay Body. Again, careful with how you handle your resources. And that’s basically all you need to know. Speaking of Hopeberry Bushes, check out our Merge Mansion Hopeberry Jam, Hopeberry Basket for more info on stuff in the festival. The devs really made things hard to figure out in this event, so you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Good luck.

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