Merge Mansion Spring Bouquet

The Merge Mansion Spring Bouquet is one of many, many items that you can get in the 2022 Spring Holiday event. In fact, different levels of the Spring Bouquet to complete specific event tasks. In other words, knowing how to get the Spring Bouquet is going to be absolutely necessary if you want to clear the board. That’s where this guide comes in. Let’s dive straight in.

merge mansion spring bouquet
Merge Mansion Spring Bouquet

How to Get Spring Bouquet in Merge Mansion

To get the Spring Bouquet in the Merge Mansion 2022 Spring Holiday event, you need to get the Spring Spray item. How do you do that? by merging Spring Tools to Level 4. The first level is Spring Scissors, then come the Spring Shears, then Spring Rope, and, lastly, the Spring Spray. Spring Tools drop from the Spring Tool Kit, which we cover in more detail in our Merge Mansion Spring Jacket, Spring Tool Box guide. Give that a read if you need it. Anyways, once you obtain the Spring Spray, you can use it to get the Flower Tool Kit. Well, the Spray actually has three potential drops – the aforementioned Flower Tool Kit, the Picnic Tool Kit, and the Bird Tool Kit. If you don’t obtain the kit you needed, keep trying until you do.

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Next, to get the Merge Mansion Spring Bouquet in the Spring Holiday 2022 event, you need to “feed” the Flower Tool Kit. Specifically, you need to give it three Level 3 Spring Tools and three level 4 Spring Flowers. This, at long last, will spawn a Spring Bouquet. There are seven levels of this item, and you’re going to need them to complete a number of Primary and Secondary tasks during the event. Different tasks will require different levels of the Spring Bouquet, as we’ve said. So, be prepared to grind many, many of them. I wish you the best of luck in these endeavors.

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