Elden Ring Dragon Communion Altar Not Working Solution

How to use the Church of Dragon Communion Altar is something that looks rather straightforward at first glance. You will find the Church when you pass through the undergone tunnels of Coastal Cave, and there you’ll find an Altar with red flames next to a demolished dragon statue. If you have a Dragon Heart with you, you’ll be able to activate the Dragon Altar. But many players are reporting that the Altar in the Church of Dragon Communion is not working even if they have a Dragon Heart with them. Is this a bug or there’s something you are not doing correctly? Let’s find out.

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Elden Ring Dragon Communion Altar Not Working Solution
How to use Elden Ring Dragon Altar

Elden Ring Dragon Altar Not Working Bug Fix

Normally, the Dragon Communion Altar should offer you three items when you activate it. These three items are the draconic incantations – Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw. The Dragon Altar becomes activated when you “Examine” it with a Dragon Heart in your inventory. But for some players, this doesn’t work. Why is this happening?

At the moment, no one is sure why for some players the Elden Ring Dragon Altar is not working. It might very well be a bug, but there are suggestions that you need to visit it at a specific time in order to activate it. Some players suggest the altar doesn’t work when it’s raining in the game. Try visiting it when there’s no rain and see if the Dragon Altar will work then. Other players claim that you need to examine the Dragon Altar at night in order for it to work. Find a nearby Site of Grace and use the “Pass Time” feature. Then come back at night and see if the Dragon Altar now works.

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Altar Not Working Solution
There are reports that Dragon Communion Altar only works if you visit it at night

Furthermore, there are claims that you need to have at least 15 Arcane or Faith in order to prompt the Dragon Communion Altar. We can not confirm if this is true or not, but it’s worth mentioning. A number of players are reporting that you SHOULD NOT fight the knight spawning in the entrance. The Alter will apparently not work if you perform any action before interacting with it. Finally, if nothing of this works, try restarting the game, or visiting the Church of Dragon Communion Altar later. Many things in Elden Ring seemingly don’t work, but they fix themselves when you visit them again.

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