Metroid Dread Stuck in Cataris & Dairon

Metroid Dread is finally out on the Nintendo Switch. This long-awaited newest entry in the popular Metroid saga has been very well received by critics and fans alike, and is mostly pretty obvious what you need to do and where you need to go in order to progress in the game. A notable exception to this is when you are stuck between Cataris and Dairon. Many players have been completely stumped about how to advance further, with seemingly nothing – or at least, nothing obvious – they can do. If you, too, have found yourselves to be stuck here, our Metroid Dread Stuck in Cataris & Dairon guide will explain what’s required to do here so that you can continue playing the game.

Metroid Dread Stuck in Cataris & Dairon

Stuck Between Cataris & Dairon Solution Metroid Dread

At a particular place in the game – which is at the beginning of Dairon and end of Cataris, many players will realize that they cannot seem to go any further. You may even think that you have somehow managed to soft-lock the game, or encountered some sort of bug that prohibits you from advancing. But, there is a solution to this, although it may not be as intuitive like the rest of the game has been up until now. When you have reached Dairon, move left until you have gone inside. Immediately inside in here, you will see a blue wall that you can climb. However, you can only do so if you have unlocked the Spider Magnet ability. This power will let you stick to these surfaces and move across them.

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Stick to this wall and move up. Once you are all the way to the top, go left. Run until you reach the end of the hallway. Now, this is where it gets complicated. When you are at the end of this hall, turn right and aim directly below to shoot the floor. You will be able to make a hole where this small bridge was. If you are unsure what the exact location where you need to do this is, watch the video we have embedded below.

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    Thank you so so much! I was stumped on how to get through here!

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    Aww, I was completely distracted by the unbreakable blocks next to it. And this is after I made a solemn vow to shoot EVERYTHING after getting stuck earlier.

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    Lmao, I was like how the hell do you progress from here, after shooting everything but the floor 😅.

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