MH Stories 2 Royal Monsters

MH Stories 2 is here, and with – a whole bunch of dangerous Royal Monsters. The long-awaited sequel to the 3DS game from 2016, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for the Nintendo Switch is full of new improvements, and, of course – new monsters. And no monster is harder, or more rewarding, to defeat than the special Royal Monsters. If you do manage to pull off this feat, you might be able to collect one of their eggs, hatch the beast inside, and add it to your team. However, the issue with these rare creatures is that they can appear all over the map. So, our MH Stories 2 Royal Monsters guide will help you locate them as reliably and as fast as possible.

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MH Stories 2 Royal Monsters

Where To Find All The Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Before we list out every RM, be warned – these beasties can one-shot unprepared Hunters, so be sure to equip yourselves before heading out to confront them. Here is a list of every single Royal Monster in MH Stories 2 and where they are most likely to be found:

Brute Tigrex

This monster appears in Lamure. The exact location of the Brute Tigrex is close to the Sadona Barrens Catavan Outpost.

White Monoblos

The White Monoblos is also in the Lamure Pit.


The Tigrex can spawn in three locations across the game, but your best bet is to search for it at the Inner Catavan Outpost in Harzgai Hill.


This monster can be found close to where you encountered the Tigrex. Go west in the direction of the Harzgai Rocky Hill and you should be able to find the Monoblos.


To find the Gammoth, make your way to Loloska, nearby to the Woodland Catavan Outpost.


Players wishing to face the Zingore should descend the mountain in Loloska, towards the Lavina Glacial Peaks Catavan Outpost.

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