Microsoft Flight Simulator Errors - Crash to Desktop, Checking for updates, Stuck at Downloading

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released yesterday, and droves of people are already playing it. However, a large number of players who’ve bought the game are having trouble with it. Some can’t even download it, others experience constant crashes, freezing and other performance issues. If you’re experiencing any problems with the game yourself, our Microsoft Flight Simulator errors guide will show you a list of the most common issues and how to fix or avoid them when possible.

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microsoft flight simulator errors
Microsoft Flight Simulator Errors – Crashes, Stuck at Downloading

Please wait – stuck at 3.68 GB remaining

A lot of people are getting stuck at this point during the installation. This is when the launcher spends a fair amount of time unpacking some big archives (around 50 GB), so give it an hour before declaring it an issue. If it still doesn’t progress after an hour, your best bet would be to close the launcher then go to C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official. There will be a Steam or OneStore folder there, depending on where you bought the game. Open it and delete everything inside that isn’t a folder. Deleting all the files will make the launcher redownload them after you restart it, which should hopefully solve the problem.

Microsoft Flight Simulator slow download

The servers are experiencing heavy load – there’s more people trying to play than the developers expected, which is why download speeds are slow, along with everything else in the game that depends on Microsoft’s servers. There’s no helping it – just be patient.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Stuck on checking for updates

Another issue caused by too many players trying to download the game at the same time. The only fix that we found on a huge reddit Bugs & Issues MEGATHREAD is to quite and restart the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 crash to desktop

A number of folks have been complaining about crashes. There are no rules – they can happen at any time, during loading screens or mid-flight. While there isn’t one surefire solution, here’s some advice from the MFS2020 support site:

  • If you’re using the Microsoft Store version, make sure the store application is updated
  • Try running the game as an admininstrator
  • You can aslo reset your copy of the game
  • If the game is on Steam, verify the integrity of the local files
  • Try using Windows 10’s game mode
  • Update your GPU drivers
  • Increase the amount of pagefile/virtual memory
  • Reinstall the game

We’ll keep monitoring the situation, and if anything new crops up, we’ll update the guide. If we’re missing an issue you’re experiencing, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.



  1. J
    James Norman

    Thanks so much for your “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 crash to desktop” guide. Very easy to follow and very logical steps… Trying them now – hopefully it fixes my issue! 🙂

  2. D
    Dennis Winters

    Mine crashes right after it says hit any key to continue when loading I have tried all the so called fixes nothing works

    1. P
      Paul King

      Same here, extremely frustrating

      1. B

        Hi Guys!

        So, when I want to fly a mission (landing challenge, bush trip etc.) it is totally fine, I can fly. But if I want to fly around freely (so I select everything and then click to Fly) it starts to load but when it reaches approx. 95% it crashes out without any error message.

        1. P
          Pierre Le Sourd

          Hi ! I have the same problem right now. Did you find a solution? the game was working fine yesterday and this happened suddenly

  3. H
    hebun batak

    i have the same problem

    1. T

      Same here. Have the 91 gb download cannot get past check for updates

      1. B

        Mine looked like it crashed at this point but when I left it for a while it eventually went past it

        1. F

          How did you fix it?

  4. G
    Geoffrey Hill

    Mine crashes to desktop halfway when swing the Skyhawk flying over mountains. Never got past this point. Deleted a nd reloaded game. Crahes at the exact point. How do I get my £110 back. Microsoft miss lead us on what power is needed. I have a Dell i7 with 8g gig ram 2g graphics card. Says not big enough at start up. Refund please Bill.

    1. J

      It says on their release the recommended specs for the game, you not having required spec is not a valid case for a refund. Read first before you open your wallet next time.

    2. J
      Jake Quor

      I have a GTX 1080ti and it crashes to desktop after i push any key

  5. J

    Game developer should have launched a Beta to work out the bugs prior to release.

  6. J

    Crashing again and again … frustrating. Brand new pc, i7, 2080rtx 8GB , 32GB, … frustrating

  7. D
    Devin H

    Mine is crashing straight to desktop, after the hit any button screen. Specifically on the part where it shows the Cessna. I have tried a vast amount of fixes, this list, and more nothing has worked. I also meet all the minimum system requirements that were listed by MS themselves. I do hope there is a fix soon.

  8. M

    “A lot of people are getting stuck at this point during the installation. This is when the launcher spends a fair amount of time unpacking some big archives (around 50 GB), so give it an hour before declaring it an issue.” Thank You so much for this. It isn´t done yet but knowing what is actually happening really helped.

  9. A
    Andrew Novotny

    I crash to desktop after I hit the fly button…everytime. so frustrating that this happens. I’ve done everything I can. This should have not been released. So the Beta testers did not have these issues?? I’ve had a sim crash like this….

  10. C
    christian Corkery

    Mine keeps crashing when I try to load the cessna 208 does anyone have any tips?

  11. S
    Sam stringer

    I have read a lot of good quality tips about msfs2020 it comes down to this in the 30 years I have enjoyed all flight simulator platforms this has to a black day for the community but a financial win for MS we knew only to well their history of how they treat the community of simmers only to find yet again they inability to honor those they spent hard earned money in today’s climate on their awful product if is MS responsibility to inform the community DAILY as to what they are doing how long and informative tips to classify US the customer
    I read many times their thanks to US in their content manager download I had nothing to do for 10 hours
    MS do the right thing give us what we paid you for and give back to those that want just their money back
    I expect Austin and the P3d team could not have asked for a better start over at MS world ……!

  12. H
    Heath Hensley

    I’ve got an i7-7700k, 16GB Ram, and a Radeon RX 590 8GB card. I can get the game to load at a basic airport, but usually crashes 10-15 min into flight to desktop no error. Trying to load a exclusive airport crashes during loading.

  13. M
    Miroslaw Jutkiewicz

    I have loads of problems with downloading updates. I bought it on STEAM.
    I can hear a sound like a disconnected USB and then MSF it is crashing to Desktop. Sometimes I need to reset the computer to be able to restart.

  14. D
    Daniel Bertram

    Mine worked fine at the beginning. Then it crashed when I changed weather conditions inflight. Then I was able to run it for about 4 hours without any problems at all. Fps have been in the 30s. Then it kept crashing when I clicked on the world map several times. Reinstalled the sim and now I can get to the world map but it keeps crashing while loading the flight. I’m using a gaming laptop with an i7-6700 HQ 8 GB RAM and gtx970M. I would leave it alone and blame it on my not ideal specs, but having been able to fly with decent frame rates and graphics at medium without any issues makes me wonder what went wrong from then on.

    1. Z

      Almost same specs
      8gb ram
      Before 940MX
      Only gotten past the loading screen twice and both time when trying to load into a flight it’s crashed

  15. A

    mine crashes when i use time rate increase during long flights. Really frustrating.

    Also there are several bugs during Final approachs. The autopilot does not recognize them and just clear from the fms…i have hard time locating the airport..also some airports dont have approaches and the atc also doesn’t guide.

  16. K

    After spending hours fixing the update download issue, I managed to go through two tutorials but it keeps crashing halfway through loading the take off tutorial. I can’t even load the world and it crashes. I can still load the first two tutorials fine tho.

    Currently updating Microsoft Store and hopefully that fixes it but damn its frustrating.

  17. M

    Mine is crashing all the time. sometime after 5min, sometimes at start menu and sometime after 1 hour flight. Right to windows no error screen and my pc is way over min specs. Also on low or ultra setting all the same.

  18. B
    Brian Walker

    Downloaded, installed, flew around for about 5 to 10 minutes and EVERY SINGLE TIME, IT CRASHES. Updated my GPU drivers, uninstalled game, reinstalled, everything short of re-installing WINDOWS, which I am not doing for a frickin game! Oh, what am I using you ask, XEON 4.6GHz Processor (8 Core), AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 (4GB), 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD. Not enough SAYS MICROSOFT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What the hell do you need to run this game, A SUPER COMPUTER??? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! NOW!!!! $119 DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!

  19. J
    J. Bate

    You offer us a few ways to find methods to fix some of these crashes. Yet, you fail to tell us exactly how to do many of these steps! If you want to be really helpful, you should include links or descriptions to let people know what steps need to be taken to do the things that you are describing!

  20. T
    Toni Ferreira

    My Flight Simulator 2020 was crashing non stop during gameplay, it suddenly crashes and closes the game back to the desktop. My computer is an Alienware r3, i7 7700hq, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM. I have tried everything, lowest graphics, all set to minimum, etc, and it still crashed. So a simple fix SOLVED everything and it never crashed again: SET THE MAXIMUM FPS TO 30. With this configuration it never crashed again, even on ULTRA, it does not crash, and now I am able to play for as long as I want, with no freezing nor crashing. I hope it helps, because the crashing to desktop is annoying.

  21. M

    Ive installed and ran the MSFS 2020 as Admin, also gave Ownership to all its folders, turned off firewall, antivirus, but for some reason it crashes to desktop when finishing loading on the Skyhawk screen. Also today it took like more than 2 hours and a half loading.
    However my it says in the beginning that my PC doesnt meet the minimum requirements, cant say thats the cause as I passed through some menus and customized some settings.

  22. J

    crash to desktop on the skyhawk screen, so far updated windows, and video drivers, latest M/B drivers, steam is telling me i have played for 40.5 hours…. not even got into an aircraft so far, this will be my 8th time installing it.. if i could get my money back i would,

  23. J

    Crashes after looking for updates. Can’t find the .exe file or where program is located or uninstall function. No icon on desktop- only on start menu. Thing just won’t load!!!

  24. T
    terry parkin

    msfs 2020 crashes at the sky hawk loading screen please Please M S Do something !!!!!!!!! A Patch, or rewrite the game ,It should never have been released

  25. B

    Mine was working fine after ten attempts to start(Premium Deluxe)until I updated the Nvidia Driver to the latest 456.71 now I can’t get past “checking for updates” then CTD.Now find that I cannot roll back the driver.Cleaned out the community folder completely and double checked the content.xml,no problem there,so looks like an uninstall re-install ,costing me more money in internet connection fees.

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