Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer - Play With Friends

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 multiplayer allows you to group up and play with friends. It’s a useful feature, but the instructions for getting it to work are burried under the UI. It’s not that difficult once you know where to look, but groups of eager pilots have had their plans foiled by the unintuitive process. If you want to avoid this particular source of frustration, our Microsoft Flight Simulator multiplayer guide will show you how to play with friends.

microsoft flight simulator multiplayer play with friends
Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer – Play With Friends

How to play with friends – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Your first step should be to create a group with your friends. You can use the little profile icons in the top right to do this. Once you’re all in there, one person has to spawn at an airport. The others will then see a marker telling them where the first player spawned. Clicking on it will give you the option to depart to their location.

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That’s the intended way, but sometimes it doesn’t work – it seems to depend on the amount of people at the destination you chose. If you can’t all spawn in the same airport, try choosing a less frequented destination. Also, there’s a bunch of technical issues in the game at this point, so if it’s not working it might just be an unfortunate bug. Give it some time – the developers are working on fixes left and right.

If you want to play with internet strangers, you can use the traffic option in the flight conditions menu before you deploy to enable the game to show you all players in the vicinity. This will allow you to see and contact others in airports and up in the sky.

If you’re new to the genre, you might have trouble memorizing all the commands. If that’s the case, we suggest checking out our Microsoft Flight Simulator controls guide.

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