Microsoft Flight Simulator Controls

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally out, and it lets you fly a plane across the globe. According to early impressions, it’s good fun, but it’s also plagued by various technical issues. If you’re one of the lucky ones that have managed to run the game without problems, you’re probably being frustrated by the controls. There’s a whole lot commands you need to remember – just like in a real cockpit – and there’s no time to consult the manual when you’re supposed to be lowering your landing gear. This guide will help you out by showing you a list of Microsoft Flight Simulator controls you can check on the fly.

microsoft flight simulator controls
Microsoft Flight Simulator Controls

MFS2020 controls & keyboard commands

If you don’t have a full keyboard with a numpad, you’re going to have a hard time. Some say a mix of gamepad and keyboard works wonders here, but you’ll have to tweak things a bit to make it work. Here’s a list of the default keyboard controls in the game:

CommandKeyboard shortcut
Left AileronKeypad 4
Center AileronsKeypad 5
Right AileronKeypad 6
Up ElevatorKeypad 2
Down ElevatorKeypad 8
Up TrimKeypad 1
Down TrimKeypad 7
Left RudderKeypad 0
Center RudderKeypad 5
Right RudderKeypad Enter
Flaps RetractedF5
Flaps 10 DegreesF6
Flaps 30 DegreesF7
Flaps 40 DegreesF8
Throttle IncreaseKeypad 9
Throttle DecreaseKeypad 3
Throttle ClosedF1
Throttle Fulll OpenF4
Propeller Increase RPMCtrl+Keypad 9
Propeller Decrease RPMCtrl+Keypad 3
Propeller Low RPMCtrl+F1
Propeller High RPMCtrl+F4
Mixture EnrichCtrl+Shift+Keypad 9
Mixture LeanCtrl+Shift+Keypad 3
Mixture Idle CutoffCtrl+Shift+F1
Mixture Full RichCtrl+Shift+F4
EGT Bug RightU+Plus
EGT Bug LeftU+Minus
Calibrate AltimeterB
Calibrate Heading IndicatorD
Calibrate JoystickK
Landing GearG
Differential Brakes LeftF11
Differential Brakes RightF12
Parking BrakesCtrl+Period
Carburetor HeatH
Lights AllL
Instrument Panel LightsShift+L
Landing LightsCtrl+L
Strobe LightsO
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  1. K

    These “controls” above don’t concur with the ones shown as default in the sim.
    The ones in the sim don’t all work either and in the rush for money Microsoft
    didn’t even bother to provide a flight manual !

    On my next real life airplane flight I’ll ask the pilot if he has ever read a flight
    training manual. If he says yes I’ll say “What the hell did you do that for !!!

    P.S. A lot of eye candy
    So far, not much more !!

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