Minecraft Dungeons Endgame Secret Level Unlock

The secret endgame level in Minecraft Dungeons is a hidden mission that you can unlock only after completing the main story and finding specific places in every other level. We can’t go into specifics of the secret level in the Minecraft Dungeons endgame without heading into spoilers, so proceed at your own risk. In our Minecraft Dungeons Endgame Secret Level Unlock guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock the hidden mission.

Minecraft Dungeons Endgame Secret Level Unlock
Minecraft Dungeons Endgame Secret Level Unlock

How to Unlock Secret Level in Minecraft Dungeons Endgame?

To unlock the secret level in the endgame of Minecraft Dungeons, you have to interact with various pressure plates, switches, levers, etc. in each level. Like, for example, the pressure plate in Creeper Woods. Note that they’ll only start working after you complete the game’s main story. From here on out, we’re going to go ever deeper into spoilers. This is your absolute last warning. Click away now if you don’t want anything spoiled.

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So, when you complete the game, you’ll unlock a new building in the camp. It’s a church of sorts, or cathedral, or whatever. I’m not gonna tell you all its secrets, but, on one of the walls, there are blank panels. When you flip or press the appropriate lever, or switch, or pressure plate in each level, you’ll be transported to a small, otherworldly area. Each of them will have an altar of sorts, which, when interacted with, will grant you a rune. Find all of the runes to “complete” the church wall, and you’ll unlock the secret level.

That’s as far as I’ll go. I’m not going to tell you what the secret level is; let’s just say, it’s a huge and pretty cool Easter egg. Anyways, if you need more help with the game, allow me to redirect you to some of our other Minecraft Dungeons guides. To name just a few, we’ve written Minecraft Dungeons Does Not Work On This Device Error, Minecraft Dungeons Bugs, Privilege Errors, Can’t Find & Install from Store, and Emerald Farming Best Locations.

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