Minecraft Dungeons Jump Across Gaps

Getting over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons is a bit of a stumbling point in the game. People are having trouble figuring out how to jump over holes, because there isn’t really a jump option in the game. That limits your traversal options somewhat. Luckily, there’s another, albeit risky, way to solve this problem. So, in our Minecraft Dungeons Jump Across Gaps guide, we’re going to show you one method you can use to get over chasms in the game.

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Minecraft Dungeons Jump Across Gaps
Minecraft Dungeons Jump Across Gaps

How to Get Over Gaps in Minecraft Dungeons?

To get over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons, the only thing that we’ve found works is rolling across them. By default, there’s no jumping option in the game; later on, there is an artifact that lets you do a jump attack. That, however, isn’t particularly useful for terrain traversal. Normally, if you come across something that’s one block tall, you can climb it by simply walking onto it. As for anything taller than that, you just have to walk the other way, as far as we can tell. Gaps, however, are a whole different matter.

That’s where rolling comes in. Play around with the roll feature (R1 / RB / Spacebar on PS4 / Xbox One / PC) for a bit to get a feeling of how far it can take you. Then, approach the edge of the cliff, aim in the direction you need to go, and hit the roll. If you pull it off the way you’re supposed to, you’ll find yourself on the other side. Be advised, the roll has a cooldown meter, so you can’t keep going indefinitely. You have to take that into account when pulling stunts like this.

If you do botch a roll across a chasm, odds are, you’ll end up plummeting to your doom. In case you do survive the fall, there’s a chance of clambering your way back the long way around/ Ideally, though, you want to get that roll right from the outset. So, don’t forget to practice, and be patient. You’ll get the system down eventually.

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