AFK Arena Dream Tokens Disappeared

Dream Tokens are a special currency in AFK Arena. You get it from missions that you get access to once you have unlocked the Nightmare Corridor challenge event. You can then use these Dream Tokens to purchase some exceptional items and Heroes from the Dream Store. But what to do if your AFK Arena Dream Tokens have all disappeared? Well, there’s a reason why your Dream Coins are suddenly no longer available. We’re going to explain why that is in this guide, so read on to learn why this is happening.

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AFK Arena Dream Tokens Disappeared
AFK Arena Dream Tokens Disappeared

Why Have AFK Arena Dream Tokens Disappeared

Well, the reason why this is happening is quite simple, if unfortunate. Namely, Dream Tokens get periodically reset. This means that, regardless of how many of them you have, they roll back to zero. The cause for this is that there is a new Nightmare Corridor event. These reset every four weeks, so you should have more than enough time to get all of the Dream Coins that you want and to then spend them. In fact, the best strategy here is to make sure that you spend all of your Dream Tokens before this happens. When you enter the Dream Store, you can see how much time is left until the reset, which will allow you to plan accordingly.

If you are unsure as to which items and Heroes you should spend your hard-earned Dream Tokens on, we recommend that you read through our AFK Arena Dream Store Best Heroes and Items guide where we rank all the best purchases you can make in the Dream Store. So, to summarize, you shouldn’t be worried about your Dream Tokens disappearing. This isn’t a bug, but the way that AFK Arena has been designed. Just be certain that you spend them all on time.

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