Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 - Copper Golem, Allay, Glare

The Copper Golem, Allay and Glare are the three new mobs you’ll be able to choose between in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 during this year’s Minecraft Live. The mob that gets the most votes will actually be added to the game, and possibly change the game for good. All three of them have their own little special powers that can be very, very useful. We’ll break them all down in our Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 – Copper Golem, Allay, Glare guide to help you make your choice.

minecraft mob vote 2021 copper golem allay glare
Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 – Copper Golem, Allay, Glare

Copper Golem, Allay, Glare – Minecraft Mob Vote 2021

There are three potential new mobs to vote for in the Minecraft 2021 mob vote – Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare. The first one of the three is an adorable little helper made of pure copper. Unfortunately, it does eventually oxidize and turn into a statue, and I’d rather not think too hard about the implications of a semi-sentient being being forever frozen in place. What the golem does is press copper buttons (which will be added to the game if the golem wins the vote). In other words, you can use it to remotely trigger traps and whatnot, among other things.

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The second mob you can vote for is the Allay. It’s another adorable creature that looks like a blue fairy. It loves music, and dancing, and therefore note blocks, too. What does it do? well, if you give it an item, it will go off and collect more of that same item and drop them at a nearby note block. Imagine the grinding time this will save you.

The final Minecraft mob vote 2021 candidate, aside from the Allay and Copper Golem, is the Glare. This cute little guy that looks like a glob of green ooze with eyes warns you when it’s dark enough for monsters to start spawning. How does it do that? By putting on its best grumpy, frowny face. As soon as you see him starting to frown, know that monsters can begin to appear.

All of these three mobs sound like a lot of fun, and like they could be pretty useful. To cast your own vote, make sure to tune into the livestream on October 16th at noon EDT/9 AM PDT/6 PM CEST. Keep an eye on the official Minecraft Live website for more details.

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