MK11 Dragon Amulet Location - Mortal Kombat 11

Dragon Amulet is one of the key items in Mortal Kombat 11. It’s quite literally a key, an emblem used to open the massive wooden door in the Krypt. The door is near the forge, in the southern part of the Courtyard. In order to get the amulet, you’ll need to find two other items first, unlock a whole bunch of areas and spend a healthy amount of coins. If you’re having trouble with it, this guide will show you Mortal Kombat 11 Dragon Amulet location.

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mk11 dragon amulet location
MK11 Dragon Amulet Location – Mortal Kombat 11

Where to find Dragon Amulet in MK11?

Follow the scaffolding past the Dragon Amulet door and you’ll reach the Shrine. You can spend money there for a chance to win items (consumables, materials, cosmetics, etc.). The first time you spend money there (the minimal amount works fine), you’ll get Kronika’s Amulet, which is another key item. Make sure you’ve completed the Tower of Time tutorial, which will give you the Amulet of Eartrealm’s Protector.

With that one in your inventory, proceed down the hall towards the big door. A meteorite will fall down, damaging one of the statues on the left. Approach said statue and place the amulet (we’re not sure which one, so make sure you have both before you try) into the base of the monument. The statue will repair itself, and you’ll get the Thunder God’s Shattered Staff.

Proceed through the big door (you’ll need Motaro’s Horn) and into Goro’s Lair. Ride the elevator down and go into the throne room. Hug the left wall, use a skeleton key to get through the dining hall, then go through the corridors with the traps until you get to a locked door with a receptacle the shape of Raiden’s staff.

Once you’re inside, cross the bridge on the left and you’ll see a chest. You’ll need 20k coins to open it, but you’ll find the Dragon Amulet inside. Take it back to the Courtyard and it’ll unlock a nifty shortcut, an area with a brand new puzzle and another one of the coveted red chests.



  1. M
    Manny G

    i got the amulet from the meteorite but i cant put it in raidens slot . i don’t know what to do cause it’s glitched out , any ideas ?

    1. J

      The amulet from the meteorite is not the same as Kronika’s Amulet.

      1. M

        I have her amulet but it says raiders statue is locked help!!

        1. A

          U have to komplete the towers of time tutorials or klassic towers tutorials

          1. C

            How do i get to the tutorial towers on tower of time mode

        2. C

          Do you have the Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector?

      2. J

        I got kronikas amulet from the 4 handed guy but still can’t put it in the statue

        1. B

          Not the right amulet u need raidens the person who wrote this guide wouldve know if they wouldve looked for 2 seconds

      3. B

        I am having the same issue, I have the amulet in my inventory, i got it before the meteor

    2. B

      Did you fix the statue?

    3. R

      To restore the thinder god statue go play the time tower tutorial qmd when you finish all of them and beat show kahn then you get his amulet.

    4. B

      You need the amulet from completing the tower of time tutorial thing

  2. C

    How do you get through the door at goros dining hall if it’s locked

    1. L

      You need the skeleton key to unlock the locked gate at the northeastern Goro’s Dining Hall.

  3. D

    How do you get in the door with the traps

    1. C

      You need a skeleton key. Open a few of the chests in Goro’s dining hall and you should get one. I got mine after opening 3.

  4. L

    You need the skeleton key to unlock the locked gate at the northeastern Goro’s Dining Hall.

  5. J
    Jackson Clouse

    My statue says its locked and I cannot put the amulet in it wtf

  6. C
    Christopher James Sorrentino

    I got kronikas amulet but it says raidens statue is locked

    1. G
      Gregory Jones

      You need the amulet of earth realms protector to fix raidens statue

  7. E

    What do I do if I opened the meteorite without using kronika’s amulet

  8. B

    I have the amulet and the epoch engine but the statue is still locked. Even tried putting on kenshin’s blindfold and swinging the hammer… nothing works.

  9. B

    UPDATE: The OP gave false information.
    You need to complete the Tower of Time tutorial to recieve the Amulet of Earthrealms protector, that is what you need for the statue not Kronikas Amulet.

  10. D
    Drew Ray

    It won’t let me use Kronikas amulet on the tower? Just says Locked still.

  11. N

    Boy what a long line of haha this comment thread is…regardless of what the crap is called the fact is op did say to complete the gd tutorial in tot to get it. Ffs man

  12. R

    So like I open the chest in Goro’s fortress and I never got the dragons amulet is there any other way I can find it

  13. K

    I really can’t believe the stupidity of some people… according to this thread, a majority of the people actually! I must’ve read AT LEAST three times that you have to complete the ToT Tutorial to get the Earthrealm Amulet in order to rebuild the statue of Raiden. The literal next post after one or two of them is asking “how do I rebuild the statue??” Or “how do I unlock the statue?” If you took the time to actually READ what people are taking the time to type up (the answer to your question), you’d know how to do it. Maybe you should put down the video game controller for a little while and pickup a GD BOOK!!!!! Granted, I did get a pretty good laugh from this one though.

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