MK11 Head Chests in Krypt Warrior Shrine - How to Unlock with Glitch

Head Chests in the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt are chests you can open in the Warrior’s Shrine. Ordinarily, the MK11 Head Chests require you to execute fifty Fatalities or Brutalities on the character you’re trying to unlock. Fortunately, though, there’s a way to work around the grind. So, with that in mind, here’s our MK11 Head Chests in Krypt Warrior Shrine – How to Unlock with Glitch guide to show you how you can use the glitch to open the Head Chests in the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt.

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MK11 Head Chests in Warrior Shrine - How to Unlock with Glitch
MK11 Head Chests in Krypt Warrior Shrine – How to Unlock with Glitch

How to Unlock Head Chests in MK11 Krypt Warrior Shrine Using Glitch?

To unlock the head chests in the Warrior Shrine area of the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt, you normally have to execute fifty Fatalities or Brutalities in the Towers of Time on the character whose chest you want to unlock. So, say that you want to open Scorpion’s Chest. You have to execute fifty Brutalities or Fatalities on Scorpion in the Towers of Time. It’s a nightmare of a grind, as is this whole dang game.

Luckily, as of writing this article, there is a glitch that you can use to unlock those chests easily. Go back to the main menu, and hover above the Krypt. Then press X on PS4 (or A on Xbox One), and DO NOT LET GO OF IT AT ALL. Then, go to the Warrior’s Shrine and, still holding the button, approach the chest that you want to open. Lo and behold, you’ll summon the head of that character, impale it on the spike, and the chest will unlock. If you want to repeat the process, simply go back to the main menu and rinse and repeat. It’s a little annoying, but much less so than fifty fatalities per character.

Now, I’m fairly certain that NetherRealm is going to patch this glitch out as soon as they get a whiff of what’s going on. So, I’d recommend that you get to opening those chest ASAP. Currently, it’s working like a dream. And, if you want further help with the game, check out some our other guides, including MK11 Heart Chest Loot & Locations and Mortal Kombat 11 Pay Tribute To The Gods – Kronika’s Amulet Location.

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  1. A

    Have they patched this yet?

    1. J

      As far as I know, yes, last week.

  2. N
    Nolan cederstrom

    I did 50 fatalities on Sonya blade after they patched the glitch In the krypt the majority of the fatalities were from fatality training but I assumed that it would still open but when I walked to hear head chest I couldn’t unlock it I need help and I want to know if you can use fatality training to unlock these.

    1. J

      The guide clearly says: “Execute fifty Fatalities or Brutalities in the Towers of Time.” So, no, you can’t use training as a shortcut.

      1. A
        Adam Wadsley

        Now it’s only 25 fatalities or brutalities

  3. K
    King Starscream

    Still works on Switch. 🙂

    1. T

      Unfortunately not anymore.

  4. I

    I did the 50 legit but it still wouldn’t open so I tried the glitch even though I assumed it was patched but it worked, so I opened all the head chests.

  5. C

    What about klassic tower do they work for head obtaining?

  6. D
    Daniel Chacon

    Anyone know if its strictly 50 fatalities or strictly 50 brutalities or just 50 combined?

  7. E

    Who the last head on the right

    1. E
      Error Macro

      Noob saibot

  8. N
    Nicole Hammers

    Will AI work?

  9. C

    who’s head is it beside jax’s

  10. A

    Luckily they reduced it 25.

  11. M

    You have to use the “tower of time and do the fatalities or brutalities on the fighter you want to do.

  12. K
    Kanisha Lathlin

    how can we spam the X button to do a glitch for cetrions head? I find the first way to do a glitch hard, second glitch is kinda hard for xbox one s???

  13. K
    Kirsty MacDonald

    Does anyone know which head Sindel is?

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