MK11 Kombat Kard Character Name Background - How to Get

Kombat kard backgrounds are cosmetic items in Mortal Kombat 11. They’re used to customize the kombat kard, which affects the way other people see you when you play online. Certain backgrounds contain character names, and a lot of players are wondering how to get those. This guide is going to show you how to obtain MK11 kombat kard character name backgrounds.

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mk11 kombat kard character name backgrounds
MK11 Kombat Kard Character Name Background – How to Get

How to get Kombat Kard backgrounds with names?

The good news is, these backgrounds aren’t random rewards. You won’t have to gamble at the Shrine or open thousands of chests in the Krypt. The bad news is, the grind is comparable to those. In order to unlock a background with a fighter’s name on it, you’ll have to complete stage 3 of their character-specific Tower of Time.

It may sound easy, but it’s a long journey. Open up the Towers of Time and choose the one in the upper left corner. You’ll need to pick a character and give a certain amount of coins to unlock it. Once you’ve beaten a stage, you have to select a character again, and pay another fee to open up the next stage.

Every stage consists of half a dozen towers with a handful of fights in each. However, most of the towers are locked. Some are unlocked by paying with soul fragments, others by performing certain attacks with the character you’re using. For instance, you might have to perform 50 uppercuts or 75 brutalities before you can tackle a specific tower.

Like most other cosmetics, it’s unreasonable to expect you’ll be able to collect them all. You should probably concentrate for getting the backgrounds for the characters you use most. One is manageable, two is already a lot of work, so choose wisely. Thankfully, you can use the AI fighter to complete the Towers while you do something else.

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