Mortal Kombat 11 Mind, Soul, Heart of One Being Locations

Mind, Soul & Heart of the One Being are key items in Mortal Kombat 11. These three gems can be used to unlock a certain door in Goro’s Lair, but getting them is no easy feat. If you’re interested in fully exploring the Krypt, you’ll need to find them. This guide will show you how to open the door in Goro’s Great Hall, where to find MK11 Mind, Soul, Heart of One Being.

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mk11 goro great hall door 3 gems
Mortal Kombat 11 Mind, Soul, Heart of One Being Locations

Where to find Mind, Soul, Heart of One Being in MK11?

The trick here is that the gems aren’t actually in the Krypt. Instead, you’ll get them by performing certain feats in the Tower. They’re not hard to obtain once you know what you need to do, so here’s the list of requirements:

  • Mind of the One Being: Perform 10 fatalities in the Tower.
  • Heart of the One Being: Perform 10 mercies in the Tower.
  • Soul of the One Being: Perform 10 brutalities in the Tower.

How to use Heart, Soul & Mind of One Being?

If you’ve obtained any of the three gems in the Tower, you might be wondering where to use them. Once you have all three (see above for how to get them), go to the Krypt. Head into Goro’s Lair and ride the elevator down. Once you’re out of the elevator, enter Goro’s Great Hall and look to the right. You’ll see a door with three holes in it. Place each gem in one hole, and the door will open, letting you pass further into the dungeon.

This might be the only key items that are actually found outside the Krypt, and some players are bound to have trouble getting them. You can clear out the Krypt pretty easily, and you’ll end up with that one locked door, maybe even before you’ve set foot in the tower.



  1. A
    Andrew Salazar

    I can’t seem to get the mind, Ive done 10 fatalities in one tower and this is the only piece I need.

    1. R
      Ryan Hart

      I think mind and soul are the other way around. I’ve only done 1 brutality and I have the soul one.

      1. T

        Can confirm they are backwards. Thank you because I was about to try 10 DIFFERENT fatalities lol all I need was 2 more brutalities

    2. T

      Same here seem to be a glich I got the same problem and did 17 fatalities in endless tower still nothing

  2. R
    Ryan Reynolds

    I got the soul of one being from an online kasual match it’s not just towers. I think I did a fatality (can’t remember) but a notification popped up on the victory screen at the end of the match.

  3. R

    Do they work in any tower?

  4. A

    I cant figure out how to do mercies that’s the only one I need

    1. B

      Mercy’s are easy, you stand at mid range when your opponent is at a “finish him/her” state, then you hold your stance change button (on consoles it would be either right trigger or R2, I don’t know PC, sorry) and then duck three times and then let go of your stance change button, voila! It’s a mercy.

      1. S

        Stance is usually L2, R2 is block

    2. X

      Okay, to do mercies, you have to go mid stage, and hold LT/L2 and then press down (ON THE DPAD, I MADE THIS MISTAKE) 3 times, also, I have a question for everyone, I seem to have done something wrong because on my Krypt inventory it shows I have the mind, soul, and heart orb FRAGMENTS, and I can’t put them in the one of being puzzle, I did do 10 fatalities, brutalities, and mercies, but no full orb, anyone have any idea?

    3. T

      Stand mid distance away and hokd LT on xbox or L2 on PS4 and duck 3 or 4 times and you should get a mercy.

    4. J

      Hold down stance change, hit down 3 times, then release done at mid distance

  5. M

    Could they be switched? Soul and mind? I’ve done a thousand fatalities haha I’m missing mind

    1. D

      Yes I got mind after a brutality

  6. G

    Which towers? Towers of time or klassic towers?

    1. M
      matt fahringer


  7. S
    Stevan Wines

    Ok I need some help. I did 10 mercy’s in the novice tower and no stone. It even says in my stats I have 14 mercy. Still no stone. It’s the only one I need, how can I fix this?

    1. B

      Im having the same issue. I have more than 10 mercy but no stone.

  8. M

    So i receive the Heart of the one being way in the beginning of the game before i even entered the krypt or knew what it was for and spent it in the Forge. I have performed 10 brutalities in both towers and sometimes even more brutalities but cannot seem to get it again. Am i screwed?

  9. G

    I went and opened the door but the game crashed promptly (I did not get reward). All gemstones are in the door but it is now closed indefinitely. I’ve tried reloading the area but nothing is working.

  10. T

    So I did the endless tower and preformed more than 10 fatalities in a run but haven’t got the mind stone am I doing something wrong?

  11. C

    Can I get the stones from local P v CPU matches?

    1. J

      How do I perform a mercies

  12. B
    Benjamin Loftus

    I got the achievement for doing the 10 mercies in the towers but it didn’t give me the heart of the one being to do the puzzle is there something else I have to do to get it

  13. M

    Okay, I did Like 50 fatalities and i still dont got the mind one, what do i need do to?

  14. T

    Same here seem to be a glich I got the same problem and did 17 fatalities in endless tower still nothing

  15. K

    I have a fragment of the ones being mind, is it different from the mind of the ones being?

  16. J

    I did the 10 fatality and I didn’t get the mine of the being

  17. D

    I’m to try I cannot do a Mercy for life for me Is there anything else I should do that I’m not doing but standing midway and holding L2 + down 3 times

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