Pokemon GO April Fools 2023 Event

Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, has traditionally prepared special events each year for April Fools’ Day. And things are not different in 2023. Check out everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO April Fools 2023 event.

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Pokemon GO April Fools 2023 Event

Pokemon GO April Fools 2023 Event & Jokes

At the time of writing, which is Thursday, March 30th, 2023, Niantic hasn’t yet revealed any details regarding the April Fools 2023 event. However, that doesn’t mean that there will be no event this year. Last year’s event, April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22, was announced a day before April 1st. Hence, we expect this years announcement to drop on Friday, March 31st. Of course, we will make sure to promptly update the article as soon as the event kicks off.

During the April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 event, players were tasked with Special Research, as well as a Ditto changeup, which had many players confused. And in 2021, Pokémon, known as Tricky Pokémon, started appearing in the wild. Alongside other Team GO Rocket changes, including messing with the GO Battle League timers.

Hence, we expect something similar to happen in 2023. A combination of April Fools’ Day Special Research to claim on that day and some guffy jokes. What do you think they will add this year? We will make sure to update the article once we have more details, so stay tuned!

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