NBA 2k22 the Come Up - Toe the Line Quest Bug Fix

Another bug for NBA 2k22 has reared its head on the Come Up – Toe the Line and another quest bug fix needs producing. This glitch is stopping player progress in the early stages. The glitch is that it keeps referring to players as starters, even though they already are. This can be infuriating for those wanting to move on with My Career. Read on as we give a possible quest bug fix for the Come Up – Toe the Line on NBA 2k22.

NBA 2k22 the Come Up - Toe the Line Quest Bug Fix
NBA 2k22 the Come Up – Toe the Line Quest Bug Fix

The Come Up Toe the Line quest bug really halts progress. The quest asks you to “Play NBA games and meet your updated objectives to become a starter”. This is often occurring even when they are already a starter in the game. NBA 2k22 keeps telling them “It’s time for your next NBA game. Show out to prove you deserve to be a starter”.

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NBA 2k22 Toe the Line Solutions

There are a few solutions that some people have reported online. The first is to talk to Coach Graves. Follow this by talking to the head coach, and after this do a team practice. Select your own drills, doing all four.

After this, go back and talk to Graves again. You may find this moves the quest on for you. Another solution is to achieve a given number of highlight plays in one game. Scoring over 40 in two games is a possible quest bug fix.

If you have this the Come Up – Toe the Line glitch, you are not alone. 2K do know about it and are working on a quest bug fix now. No timescale has been given for this and it is uncertain if they will be fixing other glitches before it. Check back here for all updates on NBA 2K22 along with guides and advice.

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  1. N

    How do you talk to coach Graves without a quest to do so??

  2. E

    I was one game away (9/10 B ratings) and then I get called into the office to tell me they won’t make me a starter and now I have (0/4 B ratings and 0/1 coach drills) I was about to play the next game but I couldn’t until I talked to coach and now my progress is reset. Wtf is this b******t. I’ve only played 14 games. They can’t expect you to just come out the gate a 60 rating and get 10 B ratings in a row other wise you gotta reset. Is this a part of the story mode or is it just dumb design?

  3. J
    James Phillips

    I’ve played all the my career games and I’m at the playoffs now and they said I was a starter and I can’t begin the playoffs and it tells me to establish myself as a starter. I can’t do any practices or games it’s stupid because the game told me I was a starter and I can’t get the gym rat badge until the game is fixed…

    1. C

      I was a starter on the allstar game on 2k22 but I don’t even start on my own team “man what’s going on”

  4. D

    I can’t Sim games. So I played every game up to the all star break now it’s the dunk contest but I can’t participate in the dunk contest because u wasn’t selected. I can’t Sim the contest because of the toe the line quest. So all I can do now is play park rec ect but no my career. Been dealing with this problem for weeks smh

  5. C
    Casey McAneny

    I’m having the same issue, show I deserve a starter position. Completed the expected milestones. I’m past the all star break, still coming off the bench despite averaging 18/6/5. 2K are trippin’ basically force you to purchase VC to make the game any fun at all (unless you want to basically play like an elderly used car salesman for the first 50 games or so) , and then the game glitches out. I’ve have Game breaking MyCareer issues 3 of the last 5 years.

  6. F
    Fletcher Osullivan

    Ive only just started mycareer and everytime i go into nba games since im not a starter i have to sim to next apperance right? yeah seems normal right? RIGHT? WRONG! i do not get to sim to next apperance and everytime i hit the button to do it the crowd volume goes down and i can only hear the sounds of the basketball bouncing and the players talking instead if it simulating to my next apperance. its really annoying because now its very hard for me to get vc. Any solutions???

  7. B
    Byron Benson

    Im stuck on the apollo quest an im sure its abug do anybody know how to fix it

  8. Z
    Zachary Beaver

    So i just cant f*****g get past my 4th game in my career? r u fkng serious

  9. Z
    Zachary Beaver

    Ok so best thing i have figured out to do is go and start a new career with a new player.. skip the prelude… exit out… delete new player (if u want dont have to)… then start up your old career again and then the error code will go away

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