Monster Hunter Rise Demo Crashing Fix

The Monster Hunter Rise demo has been released and instead of enjoying it, many people are searching for a crashing fix. Capcom’s killer franchise has brought its Switch game to PC. When playing it people are reporting the demo is crashing and showing a black screen. Luckily, solutions are available. We give you the best fixes for the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

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Monster Hunter Rise Demo Crashing Fix
Monster Hunter Rise Demo Crashing Fix

Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Crash Fix

The problem occurs when people try to boot up the demo. They see a black screen or in some cases, the game crashes outright. Capcom has not released an official statement on how to fix this. While there are possible fixes, they are not easy and are only temporary solutions. Some may work for others while some may not.

CoachSalmon on Reddit has the most successful solutions. It involves launching the game in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Start this by right-clicking on the game in Steam. Go to manage and then browse local files. Right-click on the MonsterHunterRiseDemo.exe and go to the compatibility tab. Enable compatibility mode and select Windows 8.

Reinstall GPU Driver

If you get an error when launching a game, Capcom Customer Service suggests updating your GPU driver. Head to the website for your respective driver’s site and get what you need there. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. If this fails, you may have some luck by rolling back to a previous driver. 

Check Antivirus

Your antivirus could be responsible for blocking the game. You have two options. The first is to completely turn your anti-virus off then boot up the game. The alternate is to add all the game files to the exclusion list your antivirus provides. If they are already installed, then you could try removing them and adding them again.

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