NHL 23 Cross Platform & Crossplay Explained

If you need the NHL 23 cross platform and crossplay explained, you’ve come to the right place. It’s all a bit convoluted; there are various restrictions depending on which console and console generation you’re playing on. I wouldn’t blame you for being confused whatsoever. We are going to break down the most important aspects of the cross platform matchmaking in this guide.

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nhl 23 cross platform & crossplay explained
NHL 23 Cross Platform & Crossplay Explained

NHL 23 Crossplay & Cross Platform Explained

The cross platform and crossplay in NHL 23 are all weird, as I’ve already said up top. Here’s how it works. First off, there’s no cross-generation play. So, if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can’t play with people on the Xbox One and PS4, and vice versa. Okay, that’s fine, but we’re not done. You can only team up with players that are on your same console. So, only PS4 with PS4, PS5 with PS5, etc. As for which players you can play against, this includes people on the same console as you, or on another console that’s the same generation. So, if you own the game on the PS5, you can play against others on the PS5 or people on the Xbox Series S/X. Here’s a handy-dandy table, as it appears on the official post about crossplay.

crossplay cross platform nhl 23
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So, that’s the most important thing to know about the NHL 23 cross platform and crossplay. Keep in mind that the post we’ve linked above mentions that the cross-platform features will kick off in November, while the game comes out on October 14th. As for which modes will be compatible with cross-platform matchmaking, you can look forward to playing “all online World of Chel modes and Hockey Ultimate Team.” Also, the “HUT Auction House and HUT Leaderboards will not be shared between consoles.” And one more thing that we have to mention is that you can’t send cross-console invitations in any online modes. This is because, as we’ve already said, you can only play against people on the other console.

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