Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest Locations

MMORPG Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds features a host of fun activities players can take part in while traversing the game’s gorgeous open-world environments. One such activity is collecting various collectables scattered around the world. This also includes chests. There are countless chests hidden through the regions of Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Most of them are common and they will respawn after a set period of time. However, there are some of a higher rarity. In this guide, we list all Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds chest locations.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest Locations

All Chest Locations in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

As we’ve already mentioned, aside from regular chests, each region also has three high-tier chests, namely bronze, silver and gold chests. There are three of them in each region, and unlike common ones, these will not respawn. Rather, once you find them and claim the rewards inside, they will disappear for that playthrough. In each chest, you’ll find some randomized items as rewards, as well as Character Points (CP) which you’ll use to boost your character’s stats. Below, we list locations for each higher-tier chest in each region, as well as which level you need in order to get it.

  • Southern Heartlands (Starting level)
    • Farm Back Street Chest -There is a chest behind the Farmhouse at the top of the rock there (Rewards: 222 CP)
    • Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest – Near the empty space on the left corner of the Great Uncle tree (Rewards: 222 CP)
    • Uphill Street Chest – In an area just uphill in front of the Great Uncle tree (Rewards: 222 CP)
  • Eastern Heartlands (Level 10)
    • Sulfur Mine Chest – Follow the road uphill to the Sulfur Mine (Rewards: 243 CP)
    • Waterlogged Chest – In the underwater cave (Rewards: 243 CP)
    • Ruin Wreckage Chest – Down the hill going towards the beach at the Eastern Ruin Plains (Rewards: 270 CP)
  • Golden Grove (Level 20)
    • Tree Vine Chest – Climb the tree near the Mushroom Tree village (Rewards: 278 CP)
    • Chest on Boulders – There is a rock you need to climb on the riverbank near the waterfalls (Rewards: 276 CP)
    • Stone Steps Chest – It can be found on a pile of rocks near a sakura tree at the Fairyground (Rewards: 293 CP)
  • Serene Forest (Level 30)
    • Treeroot Chest – Follow the path to the top at the centre of the forest (Rewards: 290 CP)
    • Chest by the Water – On a rock near the waterside at the Boar Tribe camp (Rewards: 290 CP)
    • Chest on a Mushroom – On a rock above a giant mushroom (Rewards: 340 CP)
  • Allegra Plateau (Level 40)
    • Chest Hidden Between Trees – Use the passageway surrounded by trees in the Geyser area (Rewards: 316 CP)
    • Chest Hidden Below – Climb the stairs and use the jumping mechanism to reach the rock with the chest (Rewards: 311 CP)
    • Chest on Rocks – Pass the tent with a campfire near the map entrance. Jump across the logs and the chest is on a hill nearby (Rewards: 340 CP)
  • Cloudcoil Canyon (Level 45)
    • Thorny Vine Chest – Near Dreamland, left of the gate of Old Base Ruins. Pass a narrow bridge to reach the chest (Rewards: 330 CP)
    • Chest on Wooden Plank – Across the wooden plank, out of the map boundaries (Rewards: 354 CP)
    • Ravine Bone Chest – Near the entrance at Stone Pillar Ravine, you’ll need to jump across some bones to reach the chest (Rewards: 385 CP)
  • Winter Wonderland (Level 55)
    • Tree Vine Bridge Chest – The chest is on a hill behind a snow house once you cross the vine bridge (Rewards: 362 CP)
    • Snow-covered Cliff Chest – Climb the stepping stones left of a small bridge for Flurry Basin (Rewards: 382 CP)
    • Across the Bridge Chest – When you cross the bridge, you’ll see floating stones above the river. Jump on them to reach the cliff with the chest (Rewards: 421 CP)
  • Glittering Grotto (Level 60)
    • Chest Below Wooden Bridge – Jump twice from the edge of the cliff at the Coffinpicker Fortress to reach this chest (Rewards: 362 CP)
    • Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest – Just search around the ruined bridge and you’ll spot a path that leads to the chest (Rewards: 353 CP)
    • Waterfall Chest -This one is a classic. You’ll find a chest behind the waterfall at the Frozen Estuary (Rewards: 520 CP)
  • Burning Desert (Level 70)
    • Collapsed Ruin Chest – N/A (Rewards: 401 CP)
    • Ruin Pillar Chest – N/A (Rewards: 454 CP)
    • Cheese Rock Chest – N/A (Rewards: 544 CP)
  • Witch’s Woods (Level 75)
    • Chest by a Boulder – N/A (Rewards: 403 CP)
    • Chest Below Boulder – N/A (Rewards: 406 CP)
    • Chest on a Tree – N/A (Rewards: 563 CP)
  • Woebegone Wilds (Level 80)
    • Chest in a Shrine – N/A (Rewards: 439 CP)
    • Statue Protecting Chest – N/A (Rewards: 475 CP)
    • Chest inside a Waterfall – N/A (Rewards: 574 CP)
  • Rainbow Valley (Level 85)
    • Broken Shrine Chest – N/A (Rewards: 442 CP)
    • Rainbow Ore Chest – N/A (Rewards: 443 CP)
    • Rainbow mine Chest – N/A (Rewards: 602 CP)
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